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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today is Thursday (woohoo!) which normally means speedwork for my morning run. I hit the pavement this morning with full intentions of doing some fartlek work in the next neighborhood over; it's about a mile to a mile and a quarter away so I figured it would be a good warmup/cooldown trip and then I'd do my work over there on the little path/trail/track thing and be good to go. As I started running this morning, I felt really off. I was running just fine, had already had my usual cup of coffee, drank the same amount of water, etc, but there was one thing missing...I didn't have my Boog in the baby jogger. ): He is with his grandparents until tomorrow so today was my first run in a while without him (minus last Saturday when I ran out of town and didn't have my morning coffee so the run started out badly before I even hit the pavement). It was so weird!! I guess I quickly become reliant on him as my running "partner" that I was actually BORED for the first part of my run!! I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off and was shocked when I realized it was because I wasn't shoving 50+ pounds in front of me as I ran. Am I crazy?! I absolutely LOVE to run! It's my time to let my thoughts wander, my body be free, and to sweat out my frustrations. This morning, I almost got hit a grand total of EIGHT times!! Part of it was me not paying attention, but part of it was not having my giant orange reflective jogger ahead of me to warn oncoming cars of my presence. Ugh. I had a great run, don't get me wrong, and I ended up busting out about 6 miles, but I missed having DSS with me! He usually talks to me or points out things ("Bird!" "Dog inside the fence!") or talks to me but sometimes he's silent and even then I love it because we're bonding even if he technically can't see me unless he cranes his neck backwards to look out of the little peep window in the shade of his jogger. Yesterday on our way back home from running, he started pointing out where he and his daddy had gone the day before. His daddy thought it would be a good idea to let him ride his little bike a MILE to the park; needless to say, they didn't make it and when I finally got worried enough to go looking an hour and a half after they left, they were walking back down the street, daddy carrying the bike, booger sweating bullets and crying. Poor thing. So yesterday morning he's telling me "That's where I walked", "That's where I got tired," "That's where I fell." It was adorable and made the last half mile of the run zip by. But I digress...I think this started out about running and quickly turned to my DSS, haha. He's just so stinkin cute and I miss him when he's gone!

I finally updated my fitness minutes/calories from the last couple weeks this morning. I'm pretty sure two weeks ago when I had to enter almost a month of runs that I was going to keep up with it better, but that clearly didn't happen. I really need to get better about that. But anyway, I realized this morning I'm burning even MORE calories than I thought; explains why I've been so hungry lately!! I thought it was just me being munchy, but including today's run, I'm already over my weekly "goal" of what I thought I burned and I still have Saturday's long run to add in which will be about 1,200 calories alone. Eeeek! Gotta revamp my nutrition!! I am determined to order my wedding gown by July 31st, so I don't need to halt my progress all the sudden because I'm not eating enough! Not that I'm really having any progress to speak of, but I'm feeling great about my body lately, so I want to keep that up. If only I could get this layer of flub off my tummy, then I'd be perfectly happy with my body. I've noticed my layer is getting thinner, so maybe someday soon I'll see the outline of my 6 pack that I know I have under there? (:

Speaking of which, I need some good back exercises, upper back specifically. Anyone got any? I think I've mentioned about a million times already that I'm wearing a backless wedding gown, so I want a killer looking back! I do weights targeting my back twice a week, but I don't think it's enough or maybe it's not the right stuff? I try to follow the little diagram in the weight room and do all the back exercises they show, but it feels repetitive and like I'm not getting a deep workout. Thoughts??

Whew, okay this is certainly long enough!!! I've got lots of work to do so I need to get at it. Stay fabulous, friends. I know I keep saying I'll be back soon, but I really will someday, I promise!!
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  • AGIGS22
    awww this is adorable :)
    awesome work on your runs!!
    3534 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2833646
    I see the Mommy in you already! Aren't the little ones cute? I love them!

    Don't worry - you will be in Great condition for the wedding. emoticon I can hardly wait!
    3537 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6156797
    I love your stories about your DSS! I must have missed this at some point, but how old is he? He seems close to my son's age by the way you talk (he will be 2 in September), but I am just curious.
    3537 days ago
    I'm glad you had a great run even though you were missing someone. Great job!
    3537 days ago
    I use Jillian Michael's Winning for Losing workout plan for weights. I lift weights 4 times a week. 2 days are for "front" muscles and 2 for "back" muscles.

    The back exercises include
    wide grip pull downs
    Closed grip rows
    Back extensions
    Planks (good for entire core which makes running easier!)

    Chest exercises:
    Push ups (will also help back but not as much)
    dumbbell flys
    chest press

    lateral raises
    shoulder press (different ways to do it to target different muscles in shoulder)

    Various muscles for legs, arms, and abs. Her plan is designed to be a cardio routine but since I run so much a trainer at my gym suggested I skip the "raise your heart rate" parts and just focus on doing the reps circuit training style. The whole routine takes me maybe 30 minutes.

    Oh, and you may need to increase the amount of weight you use. Weights are just like any other exercise. Your body adapts and it gets easier. Unless you are taking steroids on a regular basis, you should get some great muscle definition without bulking up. Spark mail me if you want to.
    3537 days ago
    That is so cute that DSS has become such a big part of your morning routine. Sorry that your run this morning was off though because he's with the grandparents.

    Sounds like you're doing awesome!! I update my fitnesss minutes every day or right away the day after otherwise I forget and I'm not writing them down any where other than Spark so if I forget I'm just out of luck for getting Spark credit for working out.

    My suggestion for back exercises would be to check spark...or google...I'm not a big strength trainer yet so I don't have any good advice of my own lol.

    Hope you have a terrific Thursday!
    3537 days ago
    Yay, Thursday! I feel your happiness.

    I think that's so cool that your DSS has become your running partner; and pushing that extra weight has GOT to be a great addition to the workout. It's crazy how the smallest change in a workout routine can make you feel weird, huh? For me, just not carrying my phone with me throws me off sometimes cause I'm so used to having that weighty electronic in my hand (it's a bberry so kinda bulky compared to some other stuff out there).

    My guess for back workouts would be dumbbell flies, shoulder shrugs, and chest press type things...but I'm not an expert. Have you tried Googling yet? That's my initial go-to usually. :)
    3537 days ago
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