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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My first comment is that I lied, there is neither sex or video tapes in this rant but I wanted a "cute" title to sucker you into reading it. I want to start with a link to an email I got from one of the fitness people I regularly monitor for new and updated information and opinions. You are looking for Lean Body Fitness Secrets Ezine with the title "Do You Really Need Cardio?" If you can not locate it contact me directly at and I will forward it to your email.

Now to the "lies", circuit training is strength training not cardio although it does have a cardio benefit as explained in the referenced article above. The cardio semi analogue is interval training. The video tapes in the title are actually DVDs in the current technology. When I review so many of them what I am seeing is recycled aerobics dance routines masquerading as "strength" workouts by the addition of mini weights. If a gallon of water weighs just over eight pounds (8.34) to be exact) we can assume a gallon of milk is equivalent. With this in mind where is the benefit of using weights which are less than an object we lift on almost a daily basis. Where is the challenge for a mother with a thirty or forty pound child she lifts and carries to doing squats with a five pound dumbbell in each hand.

While exercise can be fun that is mostly true of the recreational exercise we get on a leisurely bike ride or canoe paddling excursion and not for a dedicated workout session. Most of the things which we have earned and have value in our lives, a degree, a set of work skills or continuing education relating to our jobs do not in general fall into the "fun" category. Why should dedicated exercise to control our weight and improve our health have to have a "fun" component in order for people to do it. I consider it an investment and insurance to be healthy and capable of doing the fun physically demanding recreational activities in which I engage.

Why is there such an aversion to strength training, we co it continually in our daily lives, sitting down or standing from a seated position is a form of a squat. Climbing stairs is lower body work, pushing open a door is a one handed standing press and if we pull it open it is a one handed row. A strength programme is simply putting daily physical movements into a more structured form which will over time improve our ability to do those everyday movements.

Why the debate over exercising indoors or outdoors, it is summer so to me that makes it a no brainer. Yes it is hot but we can adjust and work around that, it is an inconvenience not a reason to not workout. I am reminded of the old joke about the sucessful individual who lives in an air conditioned, house, drives to work in an air conditioner car to an air conditioned office and pays $75 a month to go to a gym to sweat.

Thus endeth the rant for today.
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  • TIPPY211
    Very good rant. I have seen those DVD's using light weights and thought they probably didn't do much good
    I think the word fun is overused now. Everything has to be "fun" now even though it is obvious it isn't
    Thanks for putting the proper perspective on exercise
    3196 days ago
  • NWFL59
    Glad to see you posting again but it wasn't much of a rant as a affirmation of the value of strength training to help us enjoy other forms of recreation and normal daily tasks. Thanks.
    3197 days ago
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