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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So, this is a post that I'm going to copy over from my personal writing blog. Here is a link to the blog for those that might be interested. itsinthebookde.blogspot.

Basically, there are these things called "blogfests". What they are: someone posts a sign up sheet on their blog in a post about an idea they have for a type of scene or character. People sign up and on the chosen date, they post a scene in their own blogs that follows the theme of the "blogfest". For example: Simon posts about bad girls with a linky segment for people to sign up. On the given day, those people posted scenes in their blog that had a "bad girl" character. Another example, if you go to my other blog ( dawnembers.blogspot.com/ ) there is an ad on the side and a post about the Word Paint Blogfest, which I am hosting on August 27th (day before my birthday). On that day, people will post scenes that have description, that paint the scene with their words. Get the idea?
The problem is, with many publishers/agents, etc... the recommendation is to not post online much from the novel that is sent out. I mean, if I want to send out Tattle Tell, for example, I shouldn't have more than a chapter length at most given away for free (which is what a post basically does). So, I needed to do something.

These are all ideas that I wouldn't mind so much if I was never able to publish them even if I write enough to fill up a full novel. Though, if I do write a full book just by entering blogfests that would be kinda cool.So, I figured I'd see what my readers think as I consider a few of my ideas for the position.

So, here are the ideas I'm considering:

Steampunk-ish Fantasy - An idea that came from a dream, as many do. In this one, two guys meet in the very beginning (or hook up, is one way to put it) without knowledge of who the other one really is and then they go back to their posts. One is a military leader/officer(details not decided), strong and capable of handling situations. The other is a wood fairy(fey, whatever term i decide to use) and usually lives on a flying ship where he's supposed to protect the ship (not the people in it, just the actual ship). While in a hiding place on the ship, he dozes off and wakes up to the ship heading for a crash. He hurries to right it and ends up in restricted territory causing military people to board the ship. Turns out he's the only one left as someone came and captured the entire crew along with the passengers. This villain does this as part of a plot against the military character, and knew nothing about the fairy on board (would have been captured if that information was known). The two must try to work together, despite the awkwardness of the situation to not only save the people captured but stop the villain's plans.

Apocolpytic, pregnant female main character - This is an idea that I don't have the full plot figured out. I started it thanks to the Break the Rules Blogfest and from reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth (awesome book). It's definitely different than what I usually write, not only in main character gender/orientation. I don't know about the believeability factor with this one and not sure on the plot overall, though I like it and the sequel (which has her child as the main character).
Main character is female, pregnant, and although not married to the father at that point in the story, they are "together." I'm thinking it could be a world like Earth, but not Earth persay. Kind of a fantasy land that has similarities because I don't know if underground city is believable in my mind. There are changes occuring in the atmosphere, their atmosphere is thinning and not protecting as it should from the sun, and other problems threaten to make life impossible on the surface. So, there is a race in some way to survive and move people underground, though not all make it. Might have monsters (or something) as obstacles, but more so in the sequel for reasons not going to explain here. At the end, she makes it safe and gives birth. Basics of the story with a few details left out specifically.

Mummies, Witchcraft, Empires battle, ancient secrets... - Yeah, sounds a bit ramble-ish and confusing cause it is. I had this from a dream and wrote a start (some of what I saw in the dream) for a contest on writing.com. It is one of the worst, first draft of a set of scenes, I have ever written. Not just in the tell factor either as in the beginning I even misspell the main characters name, when it was spelled write in the two paragraphs above it. Yeah. I did that. There are other problems too, but I still like the idea and I really like the main character.
The POV character is Alec. He's capable of magick, and goes along an expedition in a tomb because there is a teen girl who is like him (in the way of magick) that he must protect and must teach her about who she really is. Mummies emerge and only three escape (him, the girl and a historian male who didn't take part in the excavation so he was by the jeeps at the time of the attack). The overall plot? umm I'm not sure. There is something to do with empires fighting each other and how one side in particular wants to get ahold of the girl to use her because there is a way to make those with the abilities do whatever told (I know the way, just not gonna say it here). Alec keeps her from being captured, but ends up putting himself at risk instead.

Cinder Story - This is one where I liked the idea but it's a bit cliche (okay, my rendition is different but still there are too many renditions of the story to really send out) and of my ideas, not something I'm concerned about ever publishing. I liked the idea, but right after kind of thinking about it, I noticed how many different cinderella type stories there are, and even my BF has his own idea (though very different from mine). I do think mine's a little different because there aren't many out in the market that are male/male that are known (though there probably is at least one out, but glbt doesn't often get a ton publiction with the key word being often). So, yeah, like most of my stories, the main character is gay and male. That's what I do (most of the time as the pregnant woman is an obvious exception).

Main character is called Cinder, though that's not his real name, by the step-sisters because they like to harass him. He works for the father, a prominent business man, with a goal of becoming an administrative assistant (or something like that). The father (doesn't die in this one) says if he can handle the needs of his wife, daughter, and two step-daughters, then he can handle anything. And so he is working hard to do whatever they ask in hopes of proving himself. He becomes friends with the daughter, who is in love with a boy that isn't affluent enough for her father's standards. Instead, her father tries to set her up with a different guy. At first "Cinder" meets with him, and befriends him, just to check him out on both her and the father's request. But then, when she refused to go out with him, he has to do something he never thought he'd do. The "ball" scene is one where he has to pretend to be her, she begs him to, so that the father will think she went and considered the guy. Stuff happens from there but you get the basics of the idea. Basically, some elements of cinderella story with a gay main character and even a ball scene where he's in drag.

Which should I pick for future blogfest entries?
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