The nappy/diaper dilemma!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

With so many other things going on, one problem for me has been choosing what to do about nappies/diapers. As easy as disposables are, I am not willing to pour my money into landfill. I have been investigating the options.

This clip shows a woman with different types of cloth nappies/diapers. She also explains stuff about them.
Different brands of premade nappies and all in ones...




Okay these are Australian sites, my point is what is out there and prices/design/materials. Just google 'cloth nappies' and find sites closer to you!!!

There are so many different types of premade ones out there, but the prices are distgusting. I don't like the snaps all over some of the all in ones and I worry about the drying time with so many layers. I did find flat flannelette nappies which are easy but the price has hiked over the years. So I have been pondering the pros and cons of the many different types.
I bought a heap of brand new brown coloured face washes. 30x30cms. I have found some cheap shops stocking microfibre cloths in packs of 5 & 6 in the auto sections. So I have materials I was after for the centre soak spot. I was going to buy 2nd hand flannelette flat sheets to cut and use for the main body of the nappy until 'Spotlight' a big material etc franchise decided to have a sale. The flannelette material in white and solid colors was $4.99mtr. Now they were 40% off that price.... So that meant I was able to get 10mtrs of material for about $26 instead of about $50. The material is 110cms wide. So I found one of my old flat nappies and folded in the way I like... then measured it! From these measurements I can get 2x nappies and one cloth for burping, from 70cms of material. So from 10mtrs, 30x nappies and 15x cloths for $26.

The store put the large quantities onto rolls for me. Gosh thats a lot easier than having it all folded up. So 10mtrs on a roll, plus put in a plastic bag and sealed, especially good for storage and transportation when its pouring with rain!
emoticon As you can see I got dark pink, yellow, purple and white. Spearment green was actually more expensive... go figure!?!?! The pink roll is fully cut up, the pile in the front.
Now I will say that by the time I am finished cutting it all up. I will not need that many burp rags. I plan to cut reusable wipes from these as well as making my own washable nappy bag...
The centre soak area, 50 cents facewasher and less than $1 for microfibre cloth. (26 + 15 + 30 [rounded up to take cotton & electricity into consideration] = $71) I could have saved money and bought the towelling material and cut it up, but I had bought them before I knew which way I would go... oh well. This way they are how I want them and new materials. The 2nd hand sheets though a good idea, were filled with fillers etc from washing powders that they have been washed in. As bubs can get allergies to these I decided to go for new materials. I also got lightweight wool material for $8 mtr. White 1 mtr and purple 1.5 mtrs. These are for pants over the top of the nappy. This way the skin can breathe and I don't end up with a wet lap when bub goes to the toilet. I have never liked the plastic covers, they caused rashes.

This is what I have done in the past... a flat flannelette nappy. The fold I liked to use!

1. The flat nappy/diaper
2. Fold in half (up)
3. Fold in half again (across into a square shape...1/4)
4. Take the top layer, right corner and drag it across to the left
5. Flip it over
6. Take all layers of the right corner and fold it left, over the centre
7. Fold the centre piece over again, in half
8. Add the liner (fine material to allow liquid through and poop to catch for easily disposal, it also stops the poop clinging onto the material of the nappy which makes it harder to clean)
At this point you can turn it around and put bub into it, doing it up the same as 9 & 10. When putting the pin in, you can put your hand in between the layers of the centre soak area so you don't get bub with the pin....Don't laugh, my husband didn't do that for our 1st girl and literally pinned her skin and all...he never forgot to do it again!
9. Fold the top down
10.Fold the right wing across the centre
11.Roll it over right to left
12....and again. There you have it ready to pack in a bag to go out!
NOTE: nightime nappy can have another nappy folded up in a rectangle and placed in centre for extra layers for soaking up those big wees at night for those long sleepers, to stop the bed getting wet. Alternately you could insert a facewasher or such! [under the liner of course]
I used lanolin cream or zinc and castor oil cream, wipe off old and apply new every change, just rub a thin barrier over front and back, no nappy rashes. (well rarely) Simple and cheap!

Okay... from my tried and tested method to something to use this time round.
I measured out on masking tape on my table. I really only needed the straight/square line to place my material. Then 70cms up from the closest edge then 70cm across from left to right. I put lines of tape at these measurements as my guide.
I have a straight piece of wood (its going to be a shelf in the kitchen) thats long enough to draw my straight line at the 70cm mark. (I used pen to mark it as I can't find my tailors chalk. Any pen will be on the inside of sewn areas so I'm not worried about marks)

Now from the top left corner of the 70cm marked line I go diagonally right, down to the edge, but 70cm across. Drawing the second line.

Now I have my two measured lines, its time to cut...

Thats one nappy done. Now cut along the top line...

Now bring the top left corner of the cut piece down to the edge, meeting the two corners together, then cut straight up...

Your nappy is the triangle on the left, plus the first one you cut, then for 2x nappies you have 1x burp rag left over.

So now I have my nappy bits together and now I need to sew it up so it doesn't fray from washing and wear and tear.

So now I need to sew these up! I'll make the bottom of the triangle squared off and slightly square off the wings.
Stay tuned for the next part... I have to eat now! lol
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    Go mum!! ;) Lol
    2847 days ago
    Wow! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!
    2860 days ago
  • 22JAMIE
    wow what a project!! thanks for sharing this with us emoticon
    2861 days ago
  • MINNA72
    Well, how creative! Good for you! I went with disposables, at the time we didn't have our own washing machine so anything else would have been insane. ;)

    Happy sewing!
    2861 days ago
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