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Monday, July 19, 2010

Four weeks ago I broke my little toe--at least that was the consensus of my pals--while loading the get away vehicle for vacation. Of course, I didn't sit still for any longer than it took us to reach our destination. Then it was kayaking, hiking and biking--all in moderation--followed by R-I-C-E and lots of good wine to reduce the pain and swelling (RICE for the swelling; wine for the pain) Try it, it works.

Today I finally made a doctor's appointment to have the toe checked--it's still quite sore and I can't wear anything but open-toed sandals; thank goodness it's not winter. Doc looked at me skeptically and asked why I didn't get an x-ray weeks ago; didn't really have a good answer for that. She reluctantly agreed to an x-ray.

I went to the hospital, gave the x-ray technician the short story and mentioned twice that it was my left little toe. So what does he do--starts positioning my right foot for the x-ray. At first I thought he was just getting the foot out of the way, but when he started tying my toes together to get them out of the way of the little one, I knew he didn't know his left from his right. I jokingly told him it was my left, not his. He took it well and said I'd be surprised at how many people don't say a thing until after the x-ray or procedure is over (this happens often???).

So in a couple of days I'll know the results. I just want to know if it's healing okay; a previous break took 7 mos. before the bones were knitted. I'm eager to start running, but don't want to do anything that might cause more harm. Who knows, I could find out that it's healed or it wasn't broken; just severely bruised. And if that's the case, there's still hope that I could fit in a half marathon this fall.

Two good things have come from the rest--I'm getting in more strength training and swimming. And, oh, does that water ever feel great!

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  • BRIAN36
    Ok, I've been pretty absent from spark and totally missed the broken toe. I got unsubscribed from almost all my blogs and yours was one. I'm so sorry to hear you're injured. At least it doesn't sound like it hampered your vacation at all. Good friends and good wine can cure just about anything. LOL Speaking of wine, did you get a chance to sample that bottle I gave you at the marathon. Curious to know what you thought of it. You'll have to let me know what type of wine you usually drink so I can bring you something sure to please next time we meet.

    I've registered for the Wild Woman Challenge in Somerset. I'm going to guess you won't be attending, but let me know if you are so we can firm up some plans. I'm finally all healed up and have my long runs back up to 6 miles. Sounds kinda lame after 26 miles, but I'm just glad to be back out on the road.

    3164 days ago
  • UROPA40
    The best thing about cross training and summer is that it gives you something else you can do instead of run. I did rent a kayak for the first time and went out in the lagoons at presque isle. It was really fun and we plan to go again this summer. Hope your toe is better soon. Suzy
    3164 days ago
    Hope they find that all is well. Sometimes you can break the bones in your foot and not even know it. Good idea to get it checked out and make sure you are safe to run - wouldn't want to do anything that could keep you from being active! Let us know what they find out.
    Have a GREAT Tuesday!
    3167 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    yea same thing for me with the buddy tape and i was playing college basketball??? i hope it is ok for you but i will pass on the wine and go for tequilla on the next injury, won't feel a thing! LOL

    let us know.
    3168 days ago
    Hmmm, I broke a toe in college and all they did was buddy tape it. Felt like a total waste of time and effort going for the x-ray and all---and that was student health, just a quick stop on campus.

    I think I broke a toe several years ago when I had little kids. No way I went to do the x-ray thing, just buddy taped it. So I'm not at all surprised if you didn't go to get it check out.

    Have to let us know if they find anything and do something about it. Maybe they do something different now---it is something like 30 years later.
    3168 days ago
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