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Monday, July 19, 2010

Y'all know that I'm not real good at blowing my own horn ... And, I must concede that, sometimes in life, tho, the Universe comes together - the sun, moon and stars shine brightly in unison at just the right moment; the seas part, Cassiopeia can be seen throughout the universe and -------- voila!!!

So here it is, my own little bit of braggadocio.

Last week, in anticipation of the (Jimmy) Buffett concert at Jones Beach, New York (August 31), I decided a new little diddy from Victoria's Secret -- in the way of a Beach dress to wear to the concert was in order. Since I am still very much on my journey (especially my P90X program which is a whole other story, My Friends!!), and the concert still 43 days away, I sat at my desk at Vicky's web page (she and I are on a first name basis, natch!) , in deep contemplation as to which size to order. One thing I have learned, especially at my age, is to not buy clothes with the anticipation of getting into them "someday" ... "Someday I'll be a Size 2" which never happens -- at least, not in my world!! "Someday" remains elusive and then I've got a closet full of new clothes -- various sizes, of course, that act as a constant reminder of what I "should" or "could" have done. Ordering the small size was not in my wheelhouse. ... But a def plan of action was!! I called my husband at his office and we discussed the matter. "Honey -- just both both dresses you like in both the sizes --- the size you are now (Medium) and the smaller size (Small) because you'll be there soon enough." Now that's a good husband, y'all ... He loves me **and** he gave his blessings to go wild at Vicky's Secret because y'all know a few dresses quickly turns into a couple pair of shoes, too. I happily got off the phone and was ready to order when I spoke with Brother Dave (PIR8DAVE) for his thoughts on the subject. Dave is not only my brother, but my exercise bud and someone in whom I can confide totally and completely. My bravado now dissipated, I posed my dilemma, once again vacillating... Should I get the Medium or the Small? With great kindness and reverence -- and without hesitation, Dave once again reminded me that I have a "bit of difficulty with body image." "Hmmmm ....." I said .... "very true ...." Dave's suggestion: "buy both dresses in a size small. Period. Because no one is more committed or more motivated than you, Joanne .. just get 'em in a small .. they'll look great on you -- if not now, they will just in time for the Buffett concert!!"

When the UPS man delivered the Vicky's Secret box, I knew in my heart that the moment of truth had arrived: I would have to try the dresses on and accept wherever I was at on my journey -- and know that I still had some time to get into the size small should it not fit, which is exactly what I had anticipated. For a fleeting moment I was concerned that if they didn't fit I'd be bummed .. but I quickly dismissed that chatter in my head and tried both dresses on. Oh my heavens!! -- they actually fit now --- like a glove!! omg!!! Simply adorable!!! It was at that moment that I stopped and took a deep breath ..... and acknowledged the Universe for each and every day that I am healthy enough to be able to kick major a$$ in the gym (and P90X specifically!). And then, I acknowledged me --- for giving it hell the past 189 days, when on January 10 of this year I reclaimed my health and recommitted myself to being fit and healthy. Getting into those 2 dresses is worth every minute spent working out and challenging myself; for every drop of sweat I perspire; and for each and every sacrifice that I make to be healthy and fit. One thing for sure, there is no food, no drink, special dinner or treat that I would spend even 5 seconds eating that will ever, ever feel as good as getting into those two dresses!!

... I’m off for another shopping adventure at Vicky’s -- this time, it's because when trying on my dresses, I realized I need a special halter-strap/convertible bra to complete the look --- (and, yes -- in the next size smaller!). (Thankfully I still have 43 days until the Buffett concert!!) So until next time, Dear Spark Friends, thank you for being the best cheering section anyone could ever hope to have, anywhere on the Internet or on the planet; and for your continued love, support and Spark friendship.... I truly believe that ultimately, it is all about the journey - not the destination ... And the honor, pleasure and grace to walk our journeys together is all mine!!

P.S. Look for me to model Vicky's Secret Beach Dresses after the new bra arrives!! ; )

Victoria's Secret Beach Dresses~ Size Small/Petite

This blog is dedicated to: Earl who is my love and heart; and my diet bud and fellow P90X-er extraordinaire, Brother Dave!
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