So honored!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

First of all, Relay for Life was a blast! I definitely learned some things I would do differently next year. They open the park up, for example, at 2pm so that one can get his/her things set up. Not having done Relay before, I thought, "well, that's too early! We'll go at about 5 and get things set up." WRONG IDEA! Things were sooooo busy when we got there at five, not to mention that it was 95 degrees outside and one of my students chose to order us BLACK tshirts to wear. Oy vey! BUT, after we got all settled in, everything was just fine. We were able to get lunch, set up another tent, and chat with our team a bit. Then we had opening ceremonies where the cancer survivors did their lap. That was so very touching and heartbreaking at the same time. CANCER SUCKS!

I had a few goals for Relay, which were to raise $100 on my own, make sure my team raised their minimum of $1700, and to walk my little heart out. I'm proud to say that all goals were met! I raised about $200 on my own, and my yearbook staff raised about $2400 altogether. I am so very proud of them! A group of teenagers who raised that much money is really, really cool! As far as my walking went, I walked a total of 43 laps, which equals a bit more than 21 miles. Yes, I was certainly feeling it when I went to bed at 9am the next day!

And the really great news? After I got my 8 hour nap in after Relay, I hopped on Spark (yes, I'm addicted) to find something really, really cool: I've been voted as SparkPeople Motivator! I will admit that I cried at that one. I feel so very honored that people have voted me as someone who motivates other people. My smile continues from ear to ear even now as I write this. Thank you, Sparkfriends, for that amazing honor! You are my motivation to be a better person. You are my spark of sunshine if I've had a bad day. You are some of the best friends a girl could ask for!

Have a happy day today, everyone!
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