I finally hit the windmill!!! (or...a Perfect Day)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

So why was today a perfect day? One of those rare days where everything is right with the world and it feels good just to be breathing?

I'm not sure...I can't explain it. I can only say what happened today.

This morning (actually Saturday morning, as I'm writing this at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning), I slept late and then got up and went and weighed myself. I have officially broken 200!!! I weighed 199 at 10 a.m.!!! I was so excited!!!

I feel like this whole time I've been tilting at windmills thinking they were giants. What's the name of that book? The one with the crazy guy who thinks he's a knight and so he goes and attacks windmills with a javelin because he thinks they're giants? I can't remember...anyways, all this time I've been aiming myself at 200 lbs like it's a giant, but I keep missing, because I freak myself out and shy away from it.'s not a giant, it's just a windmill. So...I feel a bit dumb, but more than that I feel relieved.

So THEN I leave and go to my taekwondo gym. I had slept through my normal class, but they were having 2 special seminars today. One on sparring and one on ground fighting. The sparring one was really fun. As a white belt I can't spar yet, won't be able to for at least 6 months, but I could work on the fundamentals. So there were 10 of us in the class and Master Walker had us warm up in a VERY unusual way. She put all 5 of the adults (2 teenagers) in one sparring ring, no gear though. And put the 5 kids in the other. THEN she had us play a game called Monkey in the Middle. It's like tag, only you can't leave a defined space, in this case the square sparring ring. It was actually VERY fun, and a VERY good warm up. AND it taught us things like - don't let yourself get backed into a corner, moving sideways is better than straight back, keep moving all the time, don't stand still, dodge the "monkey's" hand, don't just run because there's no where to go...that sort of thing. Lol I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids.

Then the people who were high enough belts to spar got into their gear, and the rest of us practiced sparring combinations against each other using a body shield. We practiced moving sideways instead of backwards, which is not as easy as I thought it would be.

It was a good class, but very tiring.

THEN 4 of us stuck around for the ground fighting seminar. It was Lena and I (Lena's this girl I'm getting to be very good friends with from the school) and two boys in their early teens. Mr Booth taught tha class. I should say here that Mr Booth is my friend from Church who introduced me to taekwondo. I usually don't take classes with him though, at first because my schedule wouldn't allow me to, but now...well I'll tell you that part in a second. It's nothing bad, in fact i'm pretty happy about it.

Anyways, ground fighting is SOOOOO much fun!!!! At first it was really awkward. Basically it's where you're wrestling around on the ground with your opponent, trying to straddle them in some way and pin them under you and either immobilize them or tire them out. We were just learning the basics today, but it was fun! Needless to say, at first Lena and I were partnered up. I got to know Lena a lot better than I had planned...what with the straddling and pinning and laying across each other. The first time was really weird. But after we got over the weirdness of being pretty much all over each other, we got really into the learning something new and different thing. It was GREAT!!!

Mr Booth would demonstrate the technique with one of the class members, but he never chose me for the demos. I wondered why, because he chose everyone else a few times (there were only 4 of us). I *think* it was because he wasn't sure how
I'd react, he said later that many women DO NOT like ground fighting, that they feel too vulnerable or they've had a bad experience in their past that ground fighting is too similar too. Lena had done ground fighting before, so I think he already knew she was fine with it. But he wasn't sure how I'd feel about it. That and...well... He and I kindof have been flirting a lot, and I'll tell you more about that in a second.

So I had a BLAST with ground fighting. I didn't really like having to
learn how to fall, that was not fun. At one point I forgot to tuck my head in and i bonked it on the mat. No permanent damage, but I had to lay there for a second to make sure my brain wasn't sloshing around. Why is it that the second you hurt yourself people feel like they need to hold a long drawn out conversation? I don't mind telling them I'll be fine. But if I just hit my head on something (or banged my toe or hit my thumb with a hammer) then I am dealing with the hurting part right then, and I don't really have the brain power to spare to have a discussion to analyze exactly what is happening, and what I'm feeling etc.... This is not just a taekwondo thing, it happens all te time, and to everyone. It's just weird.

Anyways, even that didn't ruin my perfect day. After class Lena took my TKD pants and said she'd hem them for me! They were very dirty from rolling around on the floor. But she didn't care!!! She had noticed I kept stepping on them all the time. She's a good friend (and a better one now that we've bonded while trying to smush each other into the mat).

OH!!! I forgot! So then after we finished learning the basics Mr Booth had us freestyle, slowly. One of the boys had to leave, so Mr Booth stepped in. THAT was really fun. Improvising was 100% better than just learning the basics, and I thought the basics were pretty fun. Out of the two "matches" Lena and I had, I won one and she won one. Then I paired with Mr Booth. Of course he won, but I'd like to think I put up a good fight.

Then I paired with the boy that was left. He had been smarting off the entire class, mainly because Mr Booth would then be "hard" on him and he'd get to be the smart alek kid brother who everyone teases. So we're barely into our match, and he says "I give up" and does a backwards summersault away from me. Now the way you "officially" give up is you tap the other person. I told him he couldn't just say "I give up", that he had to tap out. I the proceeded to chase him halfway across the gym may, him giggling the whole time. I finally hooked him by the back of his belt, and he immediately dropped into a fetal position. He thought he was pretty smart, and he was laughing the whole time. But he wasn't
in a very good position, cause I pulled him apart an pinned him in like a second.

Meanwhile his mom's sitting over in the chairs at the side of the gym just laughing like crazy. After it was through I felt a little bad for chasing him down like that, but that's what he wanted me to do!!

Anyways, class was pretty much over by then, so being silly was ok. It sometimes gets that way. Nothing too crazy, but that kind of silliness is ok.

So tonight I was going with Ben to have dinner at a sushi restaurant for a friend's birthday. I should clarify. Ben has a dual personality. He is Mr B when we're in the school, and Ben all the other times. Since we were going on a date, I am probably going to limit the time I spend in his classes. He is very professional, but I think it would be best. So anyways, we were going out tonight, and I had things to do! I needed a pedicure, and some new shoes and something new to wear. All my stuff is like 2 sizes too big now. I know, I know. Mr Booth sees me almost every day with no makeup, frodo feet, hair pulled back and all sweaty, but BEN should see something different on a date.

So I went to this place my roommate reccomended for a pedicure. Oh my goodness! It was wonderful!! For like $20 they spent like an hour on my feet. Maybe more. They're really pretty!!! They even used hot stones and all that jazz. I was very impressed!

Then I went and got a new shirt and shoes, BOTH on clearance!! AND I didn't have to buy new jeans because I can fit my "skinny" jeans! largest pair of skinny jeans, a size 16. But that's down from a size 22 a few months ago!!

So then, I go home and my roommate and her fiancé help me get ready. I.e. Picking out earrings, figuring out hair and makeup. Her fiancé was actually pretty helpful. Lol well
except for when he told me not to wear makeup because guys don't like it. I asked him if he had ever seen my roommate without makeup. He said yes, she didn't have any on right then. Lol we both told him tha yes, she was wearing makeup right then. Just subtle makep. He was shocked!! Guys...I swear...

So then sushi was good. Like 25 people showed up at the restaurant, it was a blast. All my girl friends kept asking me questions about Ben with their eyes, you know how girls do? Where we have whole conversations with our eyes? But this time I really wanted them to NOT do that. Ben is the type of person who is very quiet in a group, because he sits back and watches everyone and just enjoys being there. But he also analyzes things, he's really good at reading people and body language. Any other guy and I wouldn't have worried about him picking up on girl semaphore, but him I wasn't so sure. And I wasn't sure how he'd feel about it, so I nixed it. I'm SURE there will be PLENTY of questions tomorrow at Church. Hoping none of those questions are where he can hear them. This was our first time out together, a trial run. So it's still in the feeling it out stage. Girls like to analyze everything about that stage, but guys probably would get freaked out. For girls it's kindof a sport, analyzing everything about their friend's first dates, etc...but I think guys probably would take it as a girl is too serious. So...I'm hoping they'll tone it down a bit.

So then we went dancing, to this dance my Church was having. No idea why we went there but we did, and I'm glad!! Ben said he wasn't a good dancer but he had the basics down really well, and we danced and talked the whole time. It was very nice. :-)

We left at midnight and went home. There wasn't that awkward front door thing. We just hugged and said goodnight. It's NOT unusual in my Churh for a guy to NOT try for a kiss on the first date. Our guys are VERY traditional (he opened my car doors, both when I was getting in and when I was getting out, ushered me onto the dance floor and off of it, opened all doors, let me walk in front of him). So first kisses don't happen on first dates usually. It's a respect thing.

So now I'm home, and wide awake. Despite the bruises (from ground fighting), and the sore feet (from very cute shoes that are also a little higher than I'm used to), I had a perfect day. And I wouldn't have changed a thing.

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