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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yesterday was "free movie day" in a neighboring community, so I started my morning by urging the kids to make picnic lunch sandwiches for themselves... and like normal healthy kids, they ended up arguing more than preparing. I became the peacemaker to keep the morning moving along. When we headed off to our morning movie, the kids were both a little cranky at having to "share" me. They have never gone to the movies with me at the same time, partly because of the age difference of 8 years and partly because one has been in summer school during the weekly free movies. They didn't know how to deal with "sharing" me! Somehow they reconciled when they were faced with the threat of making peace or staying home. In our house we ALWAYS say what we mean and our kids have learned the hard way!

Soon we settled into our seats to enjoy a movie called Night at the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian. Not my favorite movie, although it had some humor, mostly the same jokes from the first movie. I won't complain because it was free, and air conditioned!

Two hours later, we headed to a local park to eat our picnic by the lake. As we worked together to set up our picnic table I realized that in the morning I had forgotten to make something important... my own sandwich. In the peacemaking attempts, I forgot about myself. The kids offered to share, but I decided to eat a snackish type lunch or cheese peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, and lots of water. (Note: I ate a sandwich later at snack time)

As we settled down to eat, all these ducks, geese, and birds headed towards our table. They kept waddling closer and closer to check us out, and suddenly we were surrounded by quacks and chirps and honks. "Feed us!" they kept asking... so we shared our chip and bread crumbs. Eventually we were surrounded on all sides by 30-40 birds! There were even a couple of little black birds sitting on branches above our head chirping at us. We could have reached out and touched many of those ducks and geese. A few geese were so bold, one had it's head above the picnic table eyeing our plates, and one goose was two inches from my son's back. My son kept guarding his plate! One goose even reached up and snatched a chip right from my hand. We decided the birds were a little too bold for us, so we threw the rest of crumbs as far a way as we could, snatched up our possessions, and walked quickly back to our vehicle. It was an amazing experience to have the animals be so bold at a public park. I shouldn't have been surprised. People feed the birds and squirrels at that park all the time. A few weeks ago, we watched two kids squatting on the ground holding out bread pieces, and the squirrel kept snatching the pieces and eating them.

After our interesting picnic, we sunscreened and took a walk around the fairgrounds. We visited all the 4-H exhibits for our neighboring county. We peacefully walked around the park and exhibits, and then I listened to the 8yr old whine for 10 minutes. Eventually the heat got the best of all of us, so we headed to the ice cream shop. After lots of water and a little ice cream for everyone, we headed to our home. Ahhh, air conditioning! I thought about heading to the pool in the afternoon, but we decided to stay in the rest of the day. For dinner, I pulled together the prettiest chicken marianated in italian seasoning with green pepper slices on noodles and tomato sauce and a side of green peas. Yum! It was the second night in a row that I made a dinner pretty enough get it's picture taken. I didn't though... I didn't even have my camera for those bold little birds!!!

I tell you one thing, my life as a mom is never boring.
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    Wow! sounds like you had your hands full! I've been "mobbed" by birds before, but not that many! A few would have been sweet though!
    3198 days ago
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