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Medical Maladies

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ok, so you all know about my broken leg, right? If not, read the previous blog entry. Well, it would seem that I’ve been falling apart lately. I know that the big 4-0 is creeping up slowly, but come on! I’m at the prime of my life, aren’t I?

First malady: I’ve been having some stomach issues this year. Back in February, I kept getting nauseous and couldn’t hold any food down. My doctor gave me something called Carafate to calm my stomach, so I could eat (which I found out was a drug to help calm ulcers). That lasted for about three weeks. Then, out of the blue, I was fine. I could eat just about anything & not have any problems. I had another spell of this back in May. Again, the doctor gave me the Carafate and again, it lasted for another three weeks and I was fine. So, at this point, I had talked with my doctor and he suggested that I see a Gastro-intestinologist. I gave in and saw one three weeks ago. He scheduled me to have an ultrasound of my gallbladder, just in case, though we both concurred that it was probably an ulcer. I never heard back from my results on that so I guess that there was nothing wrong. Nice, I would have liked to at least gotten the green flag on that test so I wasn’t worrying about it. Worry, Stress…great for an ulcer, huh? Well, Saturday I had received a letter in the mail from their office. It stated that the blood work that they had taken when I was in the office a few weeks ago had returned and that my liver values, Creatinine and BUN levels were high. They want to do another blood draw in 2 weeks to see where they are then.

Ok, this freaked me out. My dad was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer a few years ago. His Creatinine and BUN levels were sky high. My dog was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma with cancerous tumors on his spleen and his Creatinine and BUN levels were high. When the Creatinine levels are high, it’s a good indication of kidney issues. This can be several, so the short list is: Kidney Cancer, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Kidney Disease (Hypertension or High Blood Pressure related), Colitis, Severe Dehydration or even Liver Disease. Now granted, some of these are manageable, such as the high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes. I don’t have either, though my blood pressure has steadily been climbing; but we’ve attributed it to the stress that I’ve been going through lately (school, work, health issues, man troubles, bills and family issues). Now you’re probably thinking “Well, she mentioned Colitis and she said she’s been having stomach pains…” right? Well, I’m not having the classic symptoms such as diarrhea or blood in the stool, so the specialist has ruled that out. Then you could say “Well, if the BUN is up, then she’s just dehydrated.” Well, I average 3 liters of water a day, plus tea or coffee in the morning and milk or soda with dinner. Go figure. Some days I feel like I’m sloshing down the hallway when I walk.

So, now am I not only freaked out over the blood tests, but he’s scheduled me to go in for an upper GI scope next month. There’s nothing like dragging this out even more, huh? I haven’t had another spell of nausea or stomach pain recently, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Second malady: Well, Monday morning I went in for my annual eye exam. I need to set a bit of history here for you. Two years ago, I had been playing with my dog, Muggy, and we were tugging on a toy. Now, out of the 8 years that I’ve had this dog, he’s never…EVER leg go of a toy when tugging. If I gave him the “OUT” command, he’d release the toy; but when we were fully engaged in an all out tug of war over a stuffed bunny, he was all game and jaws of steel.

Well, he let go.

I was in full tug mode, my hand snapped back & I bonked myself in the eye. I had temporary blindness for about an hour. My sister had insisted that I go to the eye doctor because it could’ve resulted in a detached retina. I was more concerned with the dog & why he had let go. This was a prime indication that something was wrong with him. Later, after I had taken care of my own eye issues, we had taken him down & sure enough, this was the catalyst that alerted us to his having cancer.

Well, as I went to the eye doctor, they had found that I in fact had damaged my eye. It turned out that I had a tear in my eye, right near the retina. They referred me to a retina specialist and she concluded that my eye would heal itself over time. I went back a month later & it did; so I was good as new.

Three weeks ago, I broke my glasses. Now, they’re only used for distance, primarily driving, so although things were a bit blurry a mile down; I could still drive with no real fear. I went in Monday for my annual exam since it had been two years anyway and they found another tear in the same eye, just a bit down from the old injury. I haven’t injured the eye again, there has been no trauma to the eye; honestly I have no good reason as to why this is happening. Off to the retina specialist next week again. Cripes! Hopefully it will heal itself like it once did, but I’m starting to wonder why this is happening.

Third malady: Ok, so by this time you are probably thinking “What else can happen to this poor girl?” With the broken leg, I’m in a walking cast until the end of this month. The orthopedic surgeon will then take an x-ray and see if the bone has healed. If not, I’m probably looking at surgery to install a plate and screws. That’s got me in a bit of a tizzy, but what’s really bothering me right now is that with this dang walking cast, it adds about 2 inches to the height of my left leg. The surgeon suggested that I wear a high heel shoe on my right foot to alleviate any issues with hip pain or lower back pain caused by the unevenness of my gait. Well, the combination of high heels and liquor had put me in this predicament in the first place! Why on God’s green earth would I even attempt to wear a high heel on my right foot with a 5 lb nasty gray walking cast on my left leg? Seriously people!!! My mom didn’t nickname me “Grace” because I’m full of it! I about as graceful as a bull in a china shop! Now you can probably guess what’s happened over the past two weeks…Yep, my left hip feels like I’ve got a Voodoo queen sticking pins in it and my lower back feels like I went to a knife fight with a spork! I’ve got another two weeks of this before I go back for the x-rays. I’ve been taking the Tylenol 3’s he gave me for pain for my hip and back…not my leg! Hopefully, I won’t be sloughing in there like Quasimodo or one of Barnum’s side show freaks!

For those that read this & pity my poor soul, thank you. Thank you in advanced for prayers and healing thoughts. I really appreciate it. I will keep you all updated on my progress, though it seems like the summer will be full of doctor appointments, tests, procedures and hopefully not surgery!
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  • no profile photo CD1324592
    The suspense is killing me. Post a new blog of who you're doing? I hope you have healed and not had new problems.
    3902 days ago
    I truly pray that this cloud of blunder passes you by. It's great to see that you still find humor amidst all of the woes but it will pass. We all experience a downward spiral of "What else can go wrong?" but you must keep your eye on the sunshine that's trying so hard to pierce through the cloud of blunder.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4037 days ago
    emoticon Keeping you in my prayers and hope things get better.

    I was on Carafate for about 4 months, due to severe gastritis caused by radiation. I had a hard time swallowing those huge pills, so I had to get a pill crusher to take them. It did help my stomach to heal though.

    4037 days ago
    i pity you Gail, really I do! Actually I totally feel your pain, just no a lower scale. :) I do hope they find out what the heck is wrong with ya and cure you!
    4037 days ago
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