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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 16 of my journey

Visited an island today - took a ferry with the car to get across - had a map with not so good printing as we couldn't read the names of the streets - ended up on this road that turned in to dirt then turned into rocks then turned into puddles then turned into OMG are we going to get back to the real roads soon -so we did got to laugh.

One lady told us that it was 10 degrees from February until last week / I gue we brought the sunshine with us as it has been wonderful and warm.

Went to the beach, not such things as sand beaches here only rock beaches, too bad we are traveling by plane otherwise would of brought some of those beautiful rocks back. Yes I collect rocks - I just love all the different colors!

Had fish and chips for supper - I reckon they are the best I ever had, I've Been using the word reckon all day, it's been driving my daughter bonkers! emoticon

Day 17 of my journey

Well it's Thursday and I'm still up so I guess day 17 has started - need to get back on track today as I've been enjoying the restaurant foods a bit too much - doesn't help that we are saying in a hotel room that doesn't have a kitchen!

At least I'm getting a lot of walking done. But that is not a reason for over indulging the way I have. I am having a hard time staying on track!
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