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July 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Warning: This blog contains information about my health you may not want to know!!!

I posted in an eralier blog about some problems I've been having and purposely left out any details. As a result, people misunderstood, though I do appreciate the helpful advice ^_^ Everyone assumed that my problem was constipation, but really it's pain and bleeding everytime I go to the bathroom. I have been trying to up my fiber intake to make it less painful. I also have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow morning. I am so not going to like that one, a rectal exam emoticon not looking forward to that!!! I've been trying lots of different things to make it less painful, only homeopathic things I read on the net. I tried garlic - nothing, probiotics - so far no help, taking a tbsp of oil ion the morning - it helped but it is so gross I couldn't do it more than once, and now I am trying aloe juice.

I've seen it go through my cash on my weekend job at the grocery store and have always wondered what it would be like. I read online aloe taken internally has a whole host of benefits so I though why not, I may as well taste it lol. I bought it worried about the all the little chunks floating around in the green juice. I bought a plan one and a pomegranate one. They of course have sugar and stuff added to make it taste better. They're not bad actually, I like the pomegranate better. The chunks take some getting used to, it's a bit like orange juice but the chunks are bigger and there are more. It actually makes me think of the flesh in an orange or a grapfruit, with consistency a bit like Jello. It's definitely not a drink for everyone, but it does seem to be helping, it's not quite as painful today. I just hope the effect lasts.

I do apologize if this was way too much info but I put the warning on the top just because I thought not everyone would want to hear about this. I'll let you know now, if you did read this and comment or not, I do appreciate it. I'm actually putting it up here because I feel completely uncomfortable talking to my family or friends about it, I don't even want to talk to the doctor about it but I know I need to.

Now on to some other stuff. I haven't been doing that well this past week. I keep being stuck on the big picture and thinking I'll never lose all my weight, it's too much. I've been trying to focus on the small goals but this week it's been very hard. I have a hapkido grading coming up on the 24th and I won't be getting my belt. I've already spoken to the instructor and he says I've missed too many classes, which is so true. I knew that would happen and I don't mind at all. I have too much to learn in under 2 weeks and this will also give me another 3 months to work on my fitness level. The fitness requirements are a little too much for me right now.

I will be redoing my fitness routine, it will still include the hapkido 2x per week, but the dancing I am going to drop down to once every 2 weeks for lessons and then parties each non lesson week. So still once a week, but no more than that, sundays however are different, if I feel like going dancing I will, but lately I've been too busy to go on sundays anyway. I have been swimming a little sporadically, I will be including that at least once per week, most likely in the mornings. I will also be adding twice at the gym in the mornings to strength train which I have been neglecting lately. So hapkido 2x per week, swimming once, weights twice, and dancing once. I am going to go over my schedule and set specific days and times for each activity so I can specifically schedule some down time for myself, which I really need. That's actually part of the reason I have been missing so many classes, because I'm always on the go and need more me time. I really want to earn my green belt at the next grading, and I want to feeel prepared for it ^_^ Some weeks I will also be going a 3rd time to hapkido to work with my classmates, but only if I feel up to it, just to get more practice, there's no instructor that day, just an empty classroom we're allowed to use.

I have also been doing not so good with my eating, but I am working on it and I hope to be doing better by the end of the month. That is my goal for the month anyway, to be making better food choices. I need to go grocery shopping anyway, so I will be going on thursday, as tonight is me time, I'm seeing a friend ^_^ and tomorrow is hapkido. I will make a list before going and try to only get what's on my list. I would actually love some tips on breakfast ideas and snacks that are both healthy and fast. I will be getting stuff to make some breakfast bowls which I have had suggested a few times. High fiber and vegetarian are my preferences as I'm not much of a meat eater. Any suggestions are welcome and much appreciated ^_^

Hope everyone is doing well ^_^ have a great week!!
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  • TEEJAY2009
    I'm glad you're getting this checked out. My first thought when you described your symptoms was irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease (although I think that has more to do with uncontrollable bathroom urges), or even polyps in the colon.

    Whatever it is, bleeding from the rectal area is definitely not good. I work for a company that manufactures ostomy bags for folks that struggle with bowel issues - so I've seen and heard it all. Nothing surprises me. So your post didn't bother me. But I also know how serious these issues can be and get if you don't do anything about them. So I am concerned for you.

    I'll be praying for your health and healing.


    3204 days ago
  • AIMEEM77
    I feel your pain on the bathroom issues...quite literally. Most likely it is not too much to be worried about. If you worried and need to chat I'd be happy to tell you the details a little more privately. I went through the same process though...higher fiber intake, which I couldn't do and then I did try the probiotics which seems to help a bit, but doesn't cure the problem entirely.

    I like the way you're reassessing your routine and scheduling time for your healthy lifestyle. As for breakfast, the wheat bagel this and some fat free or low fat cream cheese are always a go-to if I'm in a hurry. Add a piece of fresh fruit and it will hold you til lunch! Fiber One also makes a microwavable blueberry frozen muffin that's pretty good...just need to add something with it to fill you up a little better...maybe a protein shake or something. One of my favorite quick breakfasts though, is always dinner leftovers from the night before. Just a few thoughts...hope they help!
    3204 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/13/2010 1:53:19 PM
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