obsession for binging still removed and learning to let go a little more each day

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i am doing well and staying consistent with working out and logging my food daily....if i havent logged a meal its cause i ate out and wasnt sure of the nutritional value or calorie content. i no longer let that rule my world. i just try to enjoy life and be a moderate person. that means planning and tracking what i eat daily but planning for times to not worry about it as well like eating out with friends a couple times a week. i am losing weight slow and in a healthy way . i am living in a way that i could for the rest of my life not just until i hit my goal weight.i am thrilled beyond expression as for so long i constantly made the most rigid rules for myself only to not be able to follow through which led to horrible self hate and lower than low self esteem. i am back to my old self and loving it. i do not weigh myself .. i weigh once a week or once every two weeks with my trainer. i put my scale under my bed months ago and feel good about not living my life based on what it says. my clothes that havent fit me in forever are starting to fit again and my outsides are just matching my outside :-) so happy
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