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Redemption is so sweet......

Monday, July 12, 2010

For those of you who read my previous blog about the Wendy's Ladies Only Triathlon, you will remember my swim leg. Well I wanted redemption and I got it. Boy is it sweet!

I participated in the Girls Tri Too series at Caesar's Creek this past weekend. The swim leg went fantastic. Unlike my first tri, we started from the shore. We were lined up according to our predicted swim time. Every 5 seconds, 1-2 ladies were sent in the water for a point to point swim along the shore.
This is my favorite shot. Although it may look similar to one I posted in my previous blog, it is not. I am actually swimming. Even though the swim leg of this event was shorter, I swam (breast stoke) the entire time. I didn't walk, I didn't hack and cough and I didn't even attempt to touch bottom emoticon

The transition to the bike station was long. You can kind of get a glimpse of the back portion of the transition area in this picture There was at least that distance, if not more ahead of me too. It was all concrete which was a little hard on the feet but I found it was easier running on it than it had been earlier in the morning when I was just walking on it in my bare feet.

My transition also went a lot smoother. I improved from a 3:35 to a 1:56 I think just wearing a tri suit, I was able to save a ton of time.

I mounted my bike and off I went on my 7 mile ride I will say that it took me longer to settle into my ride this time. I really felt sluggish for about the first two miles. The course had some rolling gentle hills but had a nice downhill right before the end which helped boost my overall average pace. I am still struggling to really push myself on the bike. I am not sure why. I finished with an average pace of 16 mph.

My legs felt better this time though when I got off the bike. I think the shorter distance didn't tax them as much. I was able to transition to the run very quickly. The first mile of the run was a gradual uphill. The trail was crushed gravel, some grass and some asphalt. It was getting hot by this time and I could really hear myself breathing. I didn't wear my Garmin so I had no idea how far into the course I was. I kept thinking that I was going to have to stop and take a break but I forged forward. When I finally saw the 1 mile mark, it was a sweet relief. I knew I could continue running to the finish I finished strong. I did struggle but I am always so surprised at how I feel when I try to run after biking. The legs feel heavy and the breathing is always labored. I feel like a emoticon, barely moving. I think this makes me push even harder because I feel like I am going so slow. One of these days, I will realize that is not the case. I finished my 2 mile run at a 805 pace.

Official results.

Overall Time~ 51:52
Swim Leg~ 8:32
Transition~ 1:56
Bike~ 24:10
Transition~ 1:03
Run~ 16:09
Age Group Placement~ 13/22
Overall Placement~ 55/159

I think I am ready for a larger tri!

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