After 30+ years I did it!!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm in complete shock-When I first started Spark 2 years next month, it was selfishly to occupy my time,I was so use to working 40+ hours a week and had to stop working suddenly. OK so I began Spark, after a few weeks,I became semi-serious, my B/P was up, as was my cholesterol. I thought my weight was OK, needed to lose a few pounds. Looking back though,and remembering I was close to either 1348 or 142-one of those number's. The more I was active on Spark, the more serious I became on being healthy.

There hasn't been one food item I've eaten these past almost 2 years that I didn't like.I just ate more in moderation ate more fruit,vegtables,less butter,cut down on fried foods, used the nutrition tracker, and exercises. The exercise;s became at first done grudgingly but I actually came to enjoy them, along w/ tracking on Spark's exercise tracker. One thing, well 2 things I pretty much cut out of drinking-ice tea (sugar) and soda-just those 2 drinks brought my weight down 10-12 pounds. I made it a habit to see my Dr. every 6 months for lab work, make sure all my number's,especially my cholesterol was in check. That came down, but not enough-I do believe it is hereditary,as my Dad too had high number's. I'm due back in September for another lab draw-last one was 225 which has been the lowest I've ever seen.

I have after 6 kids always wanted to be at my high school weight, 118-but knew it was probably a dream. Well it happened this morning,I am at 118!!! I'm finally into size 4!! Me who over 2 years ago was up to 10-12, and wore the jumper denim one piece dress to "hide it all"-I can be compulsive so will not weigh myself all the time-haven't been anyhow-

I will continue to do what I'm doing-eating/thinking and doing healthy!!!Probably what has gotten me this far is too, the friends I have made here. Anyone "new" keep active on Spark, oh yea,drink your water too!!! Everyone here has been so supportive, when I'm up/down/crying/laughing, my friends here listen and motivate me. I am ever so grateful to Spark for all their tools to make me a success, and last but never least all my friends here who have kept me going when I thought I couldn't go any more. Love you all!!!
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