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Friday, July 09, 2010

While I officially joined SP in late March, I didn't begin in earnest until April, and even then, it took a while to get into the swing and to really commit myself to making some long-term changes and battle with crazy binges.
Inspired by some of you, I took some progress photos on May 5, which doesn't feel like that long ago, although it's already been 2 months!
I haven't lost the amount of weight that I would have liked, but I have lost about 5 lbs since really beginning in April, and come to think of it, that's pretty awesome!
I have a tendency to set goals that are too ambitious, and probably losing about a pound a week was one of them. One thing I know is that I've been taking on modifications bit by bit, and I feel like most of this is sustainable, not some crazy starvation thing that will cause the weight to bounce right back.
So, no dramatic results, but I was pretty horrified back in May to see how my @ss hung out a bit from my underwear. I see some definition in the derrier and my stomach. So I know that the fact that I when feel that my legs (too bad I didn't photograph these) and waist are much firmer than they used to be, it's not just in my imagination!

I'd kinda like to post progress pics, but they were taken in my underwear, and I'm just not comfortable with the whole thing. Maybe the next set I'll take in a swimsuit.

One of the greatest things I can say is that I'm ACTUALLY doing great little things that are big things...
* Eating a small snack of 150 cals just to keep me going so that I won't be starving for dinner or as a post-workout boost
* Sleeping through the night more than 90% of the time.
* Being more forgiving of myself.
* Incorporating some more fat into my diet so that I stay fuller and eating small amounts of foods that I enjoy.
* Trying to stay active throughout the day and throughout the week, rather than "saving it up" for when I know I'll have free time, because that is when I want to relax, and...
* I need "me" time that is something other than working out, just something that is plain ol' fun (besides food) unless I really, really want to do some sort of exercise during my "me" time.
* Finding ways to treat myself without food
* Clothes fitting a bit better
* Working out even for 15 minutes, because something is better than nothing, and when I do have the extra time, I find that I can go longer! (it's difficult for me to stick in a "quickie" workout in the middle of the day in the summer though, because post-workout shower time and cooling down can take more than 15 min. in this heat and I sweat a LOT!)
* Not using things like the above as an excuse. Shooting down lame excuses for not working out / eating right, calling myself out on it, but not beating myself up, and just making the proper adjustments and moving on.

The mercury is rising, and it's going to feel much better carrying less weight in the heat!
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