World Cup Inspiration.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Well I am still in World Cup fever...although my own personal fervor has died down a tiny bit... (lol). All my teams have been knocked out of the tournament. France, Brasil, Argentina! Not to mention my admirables USA, Ghana, Germany and Uruguay. Just knocked out. Like, wow. Can't believe it, can't believe it, can't believe it. So now, I am still most definitely enjoying the show, but I am able to watch the games without my stomach in knots... (lol)

But, I'm like, if it was to happen in any World Cup, it was definitely this one... the most unpredictable World Cup EVER. (laughing) I mean no one can follow the predictions. I wonder if anyone, anywhere in the world has even won an office or bar pool?!? I mean, who could've predicted SPAIN and the NETHERLANDS?!? Well, if anyone did, and put some money down on it, they won BIG TIME.

In total reflection of watching the World Cup, I look at these players and am STILL amazed by their physical peakness and prowess. Their agility, their stamina and pure, raw muscle. Then on the field it's nothing but talent, skill and sheer determination. And once in the game it's just blood, sweat and tears.

Picture these players out on the field and imagine, having a body that works that fluidly... at peak physical fitness and then some. You say "jump", and your body says, "no problem, how high?" You say "turn right", and your body turns right, on the dime. You say "faster", and your body turns into a human freight train, lungs expanding effortlessly and heart pumping furiously with ease. You say "kick", and in full run mode, your leg pulls back like a trigger on a gun at lightning speed and force, and then connects with the target, turning a ball into a bullet. Must be incredible and empowering all the same.

I keep imagining what these guys body compositions must be...10%, 9, 8% fat? Wow. I want that so, so much. Not 8% body fat. That's too dangerous for everyday me, but I'll settle for 18, 20. I'd love that.

But I forego the envy and turn it into inspiration.

Watching these World Cup, world-class soccer machines, I acknowledge that their bodies were not created overnight. They were created over several YEARS, even ump-teen YEARS of training. Day in day out. Rain or shine. Training, running, practicing. Calorie counting. Portion control. Protein cycling. Stretching. Strength training. Agility training. Rest.

It really makes you think.

Rather, it's made me think... that it's possible. Because in simple form, their body is no different from my own, besides being male vs female. So if they can train their simple bodies to become athletic machines, then so can I. We all can! Might take much more time, but we all can! And we might not have as many resources like that personal doctor, personal chef, and lifetime trainer, BUT we at least have the basics.

And as long as I'm here on SP... I will have super goals... and being an athlete, a real athlete, is now to be my ultimate goal.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
SUPER GOAL #1: Lose the 34 extra weight pounds (179 lbs) [Currently 192 lbs from 213 lbs].
SUPER GOAL #2: Lose 34 more pounds to goal of ideal weight (145 lbs).
SUPER GOAL #3: Train my simple body into an athletic one (Body fat comp, 18%).
SUPER GOAL #4: Complete a half marathon!

What's your super goals????
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Meantime, can't wait for the World Cup weekend!!! Spain or the Netherlands? I don't know who to go for I'm telling you. But I can't wait for the game nonetheless. Plus who's going to win third place? Germany or Uruguay? That game is Saturday. We shall all see...
Still in World Cup fever here! emoticon Who are you going for?
Peace and Love Everybody. Bless. emoticon emoticon
emoticon...for reading. Leave me a note... I love that! emoticon

"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh yeah! Definitely. USA all the way...!
    3667 days ago
    Hey I know this post is old but anyone supporting the girl now?? they are playing.
    3678 days ago
    emoticon blog! You will kick emoticon butt with all of your goals in no time!

    emoticon and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

    3686 days ago
  • LDY_ALI_79
    Hey World Cup Fever Girl! emoticon I'm sure you & the rest of the world was shocked that it's down to Spain & the Netherlands! I know my husband couldn't close his mouth about it. His teams were Germany & Argentina! Despite them getting knocked out, he's still like you, EXCITED!!!!

    Have a good one~
    3687 days ago
    Oh girl I almost cried when Ghana lost...I hated it. I was also cheering for the Ivory Coast. BOTH gone but I taped the games on my trusty DVR !!!!!!!!!YAY so I can see my two fav teams all I want. I can not seem to cheer anyone else on. emoticon . You have some awesome goals. Yes Girl I noticed all those muscles on those guys very entertaining. I might take a peek this weekend but my heart is with Ghana winner in my book no matter what. As for me I need to get moving on my goals. I am waiting on some lab work..hoping for a break thur.
    3687 days ago
    Way to gain some focus! It helps me to change my thinking with things I can relate to or inspire me like this, too. Keep your eye on the prize! :-)
    3687 days ago
    Those guys are MAD SKILLED!!! I am in awe and loving every minute of this world cup!

    I would love for netherlands to win, but according to Paul the Octopus, Spain will win, and he has not picked wrong yet!

    Enjoy the festivities and enjoy reaching your OWN goals!
    3687 days ago
    emoticon I have truly enjoyed this event! I admire the inspiration that you have shared concerning your journey and found myself motivated as well. At this point they can flip a coin and decide the winner; I am just happy to have a new interest! Ahem... Go Spain! emoticon Love the super goals - great motivation...

    ~Debbie emoticon
    3687 days ago
    Happy you have enjoyed the World Cup so much. I just have never gotten into soccer, football is my sport to watch.

    Goal is to stay off medication that puts the hard lost pounds back on. Get rid of the belly fat!!!!!!

    3687 days ago
    I likes! My SUPER goal lose 20lbs loss loads of inches & tighten up on the good parts of me. What are those? Face, waist, chest, thighs & arms.

    God bless & thanks for the inspiration!


    3687 days ago

    I have tremendously enjoyed every game that has been played even when I had to watch some of them on the spanish channel. It was just as exhilarating even though as you said none of the teams that I rooted for have since been sent home. Sunday is going to be a good one. They do have good eye candy. I can go window shopping and just admire the view.

    Make It a great weekend.

    Peace and Love
    3687 days ago
    Yay for your inspiration! Great way to look at it!
    3687 days ago
    SUPER GOAL#1 Lose 10 lbs
    SUPER GOAL#2 Lose 10 lbs
    SUPER GOAL#3 Hire a professional trainer and sculpt my body into muscles and curves emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3687 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    Male soccer players are just plain sexy. I mean seriously, all of them look fantastic. It's hard to choose just one. But I do have a special place in my heart for Beckham. He's super sexy and so suave. OMG! One thing I'm leaning is that I need to treat my body better. Professional athletes take their bodies serious because it's how they earn a living. I don't earn a living off my body but there is absolutely no reason why I should treat it as badly as I have. Thanks for sharing this blog - especially the pics!
    3687 days ago
    emoticon There are plenty of World Cup fans to keep you company on any day of the week, April, but I suspect you're unique among them for transforming your pleasure as a fan of the game into a mighty force to spur you on to greater and greater success in your own fitness pursuits! I do believe you're going to make that 18% - you're a force to be reckoned with, and it's all in you.

    What do I want, you ask? To obey the words which accompanied Mr. Spock's special hand salute 43 years ago on Star Trek: "Live long and prosper," or "Dif-tor heh smusma" in Vulcan :) Fifty-eight and workin' on it, anyway! emoticon - Sandi emoticon
    3687 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5483846
    made me thinking of what my ultimate goals are. lol. i agree that it takes hard work to reach the players's fitness level, but even us ordinary people CAN do it. no one becomes extraordinary without going through ordinary. lol. take care! :)
    3688 days ago
    You are awesome!
    I am a big fan of world cup myself!
    I enjoy all the games so far!
    Big time supporter of USA!
    3688 days ago
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