#370: Procrastination Causes Stress

Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy." Wayne Dyer

Why do we put things off instead of doing them right away and getting them over with? If you're like me, whenever something of importance is not done timely, I end up feeling stressed, often with the feeling of my chest being weighed down by bricks. Procrastinating interferes with my sleep, gives me headaches and causes unneeded worry. Does it have the same effect on you?

A good example was yesterday. I stopped on the way home at a gas station near the house after putting off gassing the car for two days. It was on empty. The pump refused my ATM card showing the message that the network was unavailable. I knew there was not enough gas in the car to get to a bank's ATM. I was so stressed by the thought of stalling on the way home I forgot the station had an ATM inside where I could have gotten cash, then gas.

All last night I was awake wondering if the system would be working today and if I could make it to the station without becoming stranded. I did get there okay but got the same network unavailable message. I thought to ask the clerk what the problem was. She said it must be the pump, ran my card through, got it approved and I was able to gas the car. On the way home I gave thanks and praise and remembered their ATM.

So then I wondered of all the opportunities I had foregone the past couple of days to stop and gas up the car. Why didn't I do it then?

I don't have an answer except that maybe I never expected things to go wrong. But remember Murphy's Law that if anything can go wrong it will at the most inopportune time?

That is so true when I put things off. From now on I will try to do things in their own time.

And if I delay again, I expect things to go wrong and the stress to build and the lack of sleep and the crushing feeling on the chest and the headaches for I will have deserved it.

How many times do we need to be burned before we get the message? For me, yesterday and today was one time too many.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am such a procrastinator... it is sad but true... I like to believe that I work well under pressure, but is that really true, in some cases it may be true, but in others-- well, not so much.

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I can totally relate!

    3936 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7747494
    Lou- thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I know that every day when I log on I check out my own blogs just to see your comments. you are always pushing me towards the goal line with each pass of your fingers on the keyboard. I find it so hard to really be consistant with my exercise program but when i log in to write about my day i realize that not exercising is only hurting me in the end. Thank you so much for your little notes of encouragement
    3936 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5178852
    This must be a human trait. Why else are there deadlines for things like income tax payment or the end of a sale? We just don't want to be bothered to get around to it.
    Glad to read that you didn't get stranded!
    3937 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1445850
    I'm a procrastinator too! That's part of why I love this website is it helps me stay focused and give all I can.
    3937 days ago
    Thanks Lou, what a great reminder. As I read through your blog and the other comments, I realized that I do really well in some areas that others find difficult - but I have my own areas where I am a chronic procrastinator. There are just some things that I have a daily struggle with.

    This is something that I have been seeking the Lord about. It seems to me that it is, in my case, a matter of self-serving willfulness. I'd rather do the things that I want to do rather than the things I should be doing. OUCH!

    With that said, I had better turn off the computer and go to bed! I know I'll do better tomorrow on a good night's sleep.

    Night all. emoticon
    3938 days ago
    Ouch! I will have to remember that powerful quote! As I've aged I seem to procrastinate even more! I definitely need to improve in this area myself! I usually wait for that pretty little red light that comes up on the dash board before seeking gas myself!

    3938 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/8/2010 9:46:52 PM
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Must be more than one Murphy. He's always hanging around me..

    ENjoy your evening sweet thing
    3938 days ago
    I just bought myself a T-Shirt that says," I have a million excuses, which one do you want?" I keep telling myself no more excuses - do what needs done , but I don't listen to myself . I keep right on making excuses. I sure don't have the answer.

    These are some of the things I have been putting off.
    1. Making my return appointment with my heart doctor.
    2. Calling and making an appointment for a test on my leg that my primary care doctor wanted me to have.
    3. Last week I was suppose to go get blood work done but I keep putting it off.
    4. I kept putting off ordering checks till I finally ran out - what a mess! All my bills came rolling in and I didn't have any checks to pay them with. Now I am faced with buying money orders or waiting for the checks to get here that I just put an order in for and pay my bills late. Either way I have additional cost.

    I am not like this all the time. I take it in spells . I don't know what causes me to want to drag my feet. Maybe it is the heat(?) At the moment I just don't feel like doing anything that I should be doing. Hope this spell don't last long. Joy
    3938 days ago
    Ouch. You're okay with stepping all over my toes like that? LOL Thank you for the reminder, my friend!


    3938 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7601418
    You're so right. I procrastinated with my paperwork, now I have to work all day tomorrow to get my reports in. UGH!!
    3938 days ago
    Right on the money
    3938 days ago
    Oh yes, good old procrastination... I'm very familiar with it.

    Why do I put things off?

    1.) Laziness. No, I'm not saying I don't have time, I'm saying I do have time but would rather spend it differently - in front of the TV!!! Now that's very creative. Sad but true.

    2.) If something I need to do is not familiar to me and I don't quite know how to accomplish the task. So rather than educating myself (either by researching on the internet or just plain asking somebody who might know), the task will stay undone. Stress is building with every passing day. Then, when the deadline is practically on top of me and I actually do manage to accomplish my task it often strikes me afterwards that it really wasn't as hard as I had made it out to be and really not worth all the stress that was building while I was not doing the task.

    Yes, we inflict so much stress on ourselves. This can easily be prevented. Yet, procrastination sneaks up on us time and time again.

    Will we ever learn? Maybe. As with everything, practice makes perfect.

    I'll be sure to stop by the gas station today, before MY needle goes into the red :)
    Have a wonderful day, Lou. (Now that you have gas you can do anything :))

    3938 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    I procrastinate too and it's a nasty habit. You've really made me rethink my ways. Thank you for the advice and for the great example you are setting for all of us! emoticon emoticon
    3938 days ago
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