Thursday, July 08, 2010

I never thought it would happen......... I have been battling my weight problem all of my life. Even after having surgery I never really thought I would make it here!!!! My highest weight ever was 338 By the day I had surgery I had managed to get down to 284.5, I figured with surgery the most weight I would loose would be about 100 pounds, which would have put me at 184. But, today I stepped on the scale and I was 152lbs. I stand 5" 6.5 tall, which gives me a BMI of 24.2!!!!! WOW I am finally considered normal!!! I still don't really feel normal, but at least for the first time in my life, my weight (by standards) can be documented as normal. LOL Now I am not quite sure what to do...... This whole time, loosing weight has been forefront on my mind. Now that I am here I feel almost lost, like I am not sure where to go. Do I continue to loose weight? Do I try to maintain? I am 10 months out from surgery and know that I still have plenty of time to utilize my "tool". I hear that it is normal to gain back about 10-20 lbs after getting to your lowest surgery weight. So do I strive for another 20 so that if I do gain it back it wont hurt. Or would getting down to 132 be way to low. I know that by BMI standards it would still be normal, but I think that 132lbs on me would make me look like a skeleton. I think I have some soul searching to do now. I need to re-evaluate things......... Any comments or suggestions are welcomed!!!!!!!
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    Awesome to both of you!
    I am 13 days till "D" day..........which means 13 more days of delicious, nutritious shakes............yee haw! Well 12 days since the day before I have to go on clear liquids.
    You guys are such an inspiration! I hope you (and eventually me) will get to a comfortable weight and not gain the old weight back!

    "Nothing Tastes as good as THIN feels"

    I too have not yet made a true goal. I was using the high end of the BMI as my minimum weight loss but would like to be more mid-range .... just in cases.

    I'm short though.........I'm only 5' 31/2"

    I am also hoping that my hubby has the surgery too. He is 1 month behind but isn't sure his co.'s insurance will allow for WLS. He's also not so sure that he will do this anyhow. I guess I will be the Guinna pig.
    3845 days ago
    I stress myself out wondering about regain, honestly. My heaviest was 294 and I am now (as of this am) 138.5. I’m 13 mos post-op as of today. I could stop now and be fine, but I’m not satisfied with that because I still have in the back of my mind the issue of regain weight. So now I am aiming for much lower on the BMI chart so as to give myself bounceback/regain weight room. I have 130 as a goal, but I won’t be satisfied there. I have 124 in the back of my mind as a “stretch goal” just so if I put on 10 lb of regain, I’ll be ok with where I end up.

    I’m 5’5, though, and I have a lot of excess skin. I’m in loose size 4s (but my belly is still too big for most 2s)

    3845 days ago
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