Life and it's little curve balls

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Last night.....shall we say was just a bit more interesting than I would like life to be sometimes. Let me preface this by saying that I am fine.

As all my Lovelies know, I suffer from horrible migraines...so I had one this past Tuesday..but goes with the menopause now...hormones, you get the drift.

Back to last night...so I had just gotten into bed and was reading and I had and extreme pain in between my breast and mirrored in my back...on a scale of 1-10 it was a 9, and needless to say scared the HECK out of me. I can have problems with my stomach, I take prilosec daily and ran out and hadn't taken it for 2 days, so finally got some and so I initially thought "Wow this is some really nasty heartburn" but the back pain was something I hadn't ever dealt with and I don't have acid reflux either.

Got up, took some tums and called my hubby at work to come right home as I really thought I needed to check it out...it was so painful and wasn't letting up. I thought I was having a heart attack. Called the advice and they agreed that I should go to the ER.

I arrived there and they got me right in....took and EKG, blood work and was on a heart monitor for 6 hours. In that time the blood work all looked good except for one that was really elavated and good indicate a blood clot....I did tell them the issue with my left leg. They then took a chest xray and proceeded on with a CT scan using contrast dye to check for a blood clot in my lungs....that can also produce the symptoms I was having. I've had CT scans before and they don't freak me out...the dye does as I very allergice to topical iodine and the contrast dye is 100% iodine. So let's just say I had a little breakdown....crying...just really scared in the CT dept....just thinking I had a blood clot and this whole ordeal was just a bit much. they hd to pre-med with benadryl and also a sterioid for my lungs to keep them open in case of allergic reaction....scary!!

I didn't react to the dye THANK GOD. they re-did my EKG and heart bloodwork one more time and finally thought it was all GI stuff....thought that perhaps I had a a severe esophgeal spasm....very very painful....didn't like it but so glad it wasn't my heart or a clot.

So you can be damn sure I'll be having them check my leg with a doplar scan asap to make sure there's no clot there.

So the moral of the story is yes life does throw us curve balls, but we can stand up and hit that curve out of the park right? I just thank god daily that I am the person INSIDE that I am today....strong in mind,spirit and body and ever so positive. I know that we all are faced with so many challenges....physical things for me have always been there...why I don't know. What I've learned from these experiences is that yes I am a very strong 51yr old women and as I said above thank god I do the things for myself that I do, such as exercising and always continuing to get and keep this weight off.

Another positive thing that I do for myself is ALL OF YOU!!!!

Thanks for always being her.
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  • KAY185
    Thank you also Lisa....keep the prayers coming!
    2847 days ago
    Hello Kay!!

    I hope everything goes okay! Let us know about the leg situation!! I am so glad that it is not a clot to the heart! It is scary and I hope everything works out! I agree with everyone!! Make sure you get your leg checked out! You are a inspirational person and I hope everything works out!!! You will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!
    2847 days ago
  • KAY185
    Mary,Dot and Rita,

    Thank you,thank you thank you my friends. You all are truly so important to me. All of your concerns are so true and so very valid and I can't put into words how much you all mean to me.

    You know when I was waiting for Art to come home I was actually thinking the same thing. I had asked my doctor about 1 1/2 wks ago if the walking could be causing this and she didn't think so, but believe me after this and after I have my scan I will bring in my actual training schedule so they really have a true idea how much training I am doing.

    Thanks again for all of your input Lovelies....you truly are the best and you're very dear to me.
    2847 days ago
  • DOT121
    I am so gald to hear that there was nothikng serioud wrong. You had a real scare last night. When this happens to us it not only puts a scare in you but it makes you realize how precious life is ........... Sometimes we tak our health for granted. We all try to live a healthy lifestyle and when you have a problem of a possible problem you then know that it is important to continue to live a healthy lifestyle and always cherish what we have and be grateful for all our blessings.

    Every day think about how lucky we are and appreciate those who are important to us. Always remember to take it 1 day at a time.

    Good health, good friends and family make it easier to stay strong and be the best that we can be.

    You are doing so well and should be proud of all you are accomplishing and all that you will continue to accomplish.

    I am glad you are ok my friend. emoticon emoticon
    2847 days ago
  • ITALY67
    Kay I agree with Mary. Take care of yourself, go and get your leg checked out and talk to your doctor about your training schedule. I do not think that is the problem but it is better let them know.
    So glad you are doing ok, now just take some deeeeeeeep breath and RELAX!!!!
    2847 days ago
    First of all Kay....let me say that I am glad you are alright....for now.....and so sorry you had so much pain.

    I don't understand medical issues all that much.......but yes...get your leg checked out asap.

    I guess I am a bit in shock right now. I am so glad that Art was able to come home and take you so you weren't alone.

    You are such a go getter....especially with training for the 3 day walk. Please...please...please let your doctors know you are training for it. Let them know your schedule. I am not sure if that has any bearing on the matter......but maybe you are training to hard?

    I know that is not the cause of your issues...but maybe they aren't helping either right now.

    I care deeply.......and only want you feeling well.

    You are such an inspiring and caring person.....I just want you to take care of Kay. I know you are trying to do so, but your body is not co-operating.

    What a scare. Sometimes not knowing can make the fear grow. Once you know for sure....you know what you are dealing with and how to combat it.

    Always know......that I .....all of us....care so deeply about you.
    2847 days ago
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