My weight gain story.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Thought I would blog about how my weight gain started

Ok well as a child and young adult I thought I was fat but I know better now as I look back at pictures, etc. At one point I did even have an eating disorder because I thought I was over weight.

So I had to deal with the emotional aspects of actually developing at a very young age and having a body and others that were my age that didn't saying I was fat. When in fact I looked great.

I really didn't start battling weight gain I would say I was 21. I lost a very close friend of mine to death and it was very hard for me to deal with, so I ate. But I still was only a size 14 when I finally realized I need to get a hold of my self.

Not to soon after this I met my husband and then I got comfortable and happy and gained up to a size 16, Married at a size 16. I then encounter a condition called pseudocyesis (False Pregnancy) A lot of time this can be mental but mine had to do with a hormone issue. At first I really thought I was I had no period, I gained weight, all the symptoms, even my stomach grew. The doctors were not even sure what the issue was, finding out this is what it was. Around five months, my water broke. But there was nothing there which we knew and then the next day I had the worst period of a life time. But during this time I gained weight from the pseudocyesis

Not but a few months later I got pregnant again, but this time it was confirmed that there was a heart beat and there was a baby. But the thing is I didnt get a change to lose my weight from the pseudocyesis. So I gained more weight during this time.

After I had my first child, I lost all my weight. Well most of it. I was down to a size 10, it wasnt the 8 like I wanted but I would take it. Some things came up, I lost my job, we ended up at my husbands grandparents house. I finally found another job two months into the job one of my co-workers comes up to me and says oh you have a pregnancy glow to you. I looked at her and said I better not. Lana was not even a year old yet.

I didnt even think about it. I didnt have a period because I was still nursing. I was like well maybe I should check. I got a pregnancy test and guess what? It was positive. This was real bad timing, we were still trying to save money for a place. So we got on top of it found a place and I then started gaining weight again

I started having some odd symptoms vision changes, muscle cramps, at one point I could not move my leg and they said the baby might be pressing on a nerve so I said ok. I got really tired, so tired my work set up a room for me to take naps in. They were really worried about me.

After I had Ben I lost some weight but I was sitting at a 16 he was really sick and we ended up having to stay with my mom so we could recover financially, during that time he was DX with Autism at 2 1/2 years old. We moved back into our own place and slowly little by little those symptoms that I had before, vision issues, muscle cramps, nerve pain, etc were coming back. But this time they were full force and they didnt go away.

It took a long time lots of specialist and I am still getting different opinions etc. But my PCP and first Neuro doc pinned it down to MS. But during this time with Steroids and many other medications and the fact from going from mobile to not being able to walk strait or walk with out pain and falling. I started gaining more weight.

So from there it has stayed on. It was this battle between babies then to lose the weight loss battle to a disorder. I stopped some of the medications because I felt they were not helping. Some thing I did the wrong thing, but we will see. I have a year to get this weight off before they do another MRI and see how many more lesions are on my brain and start a different shots on me. I want this weight off before that happens so I can have more control.

It is finally slowly coming off and I will get there.
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    you are right. I guess it could be worse. I guess the weight gain could be more. Thank you for the reminders and we just have to keep making good choices along the way.
    3896 days ago
    You've been on SP since 4-12-2007. Even with all the commotion, you've lost 11 lbs. I joined in Feb of the same year...and have lost the same amount..but I gained in the middle so part of my 11 lbs is relosing what I gained. Really, we can't fix the past, but we can make good choices as we move forward. emoticon
    3897 days ago
    Yes it has sure been a roller coaster ride. I remember right before Ben was DX with Autism I started on SP to combat some of the weight I gained, and not to soon after his DX I got mine for MS. It has been crazy. I have been on SP sense 2007 or 08 cant remember as I am typing this. But I need to get it together.
    3897 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2036709
    What a roller coaster! That has to be so very hard. Won't it be wonderful to be in the New System where you can have your family healthy and be healthy and slim yourself? emoticon emoticon
    3898 days ago
    I didn't go into detail about my pregnancies and birth. But each nine months was not good. And well I almost passed from the first and both babies were really sick as I was. So I am sure this had something to do with my trigger in weight gain. Also maybe a trigger to the MS as well.

    3898 days ago
    Sounds like you have had a rough ride. Hope you can find some success and encouragement here! emoticon
    3898 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3976285
    Here's to a "reconstructive" 12 months! Good for you for learning from the past and grabbing hold of the future and HANGIN' ON!! Hugs Laurie
    3898 days ago
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