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Those Glorious Golden Arches and My "Unofficial" 5K!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Trust me - it's not what you're thinking.

I'm a "destination walker" - meaning I really hate walking unless I've got somewhere to go. So being that I wanted to get a good, brisk walk in today I decided to cash in on a Groupon that I've been meaning to use for some time now and hike to a tasty treat of frozen kefir on a VERY HOT long weekend day in Chicago.

There were a couple of locations for Starfruit that were within walking distance. One was on my way to work - a path I have tread a NUMBER of times, so I decided to take the road less traveled but about the same distance from my house. I filled up the water bottle, laced on the walking shoes and started out.

Not 10 minutes out of my door I regretted my decision. Even with a strong (HOT) wind, it was sweltering outside. I was convinced that the city pavement under my feet was omitting infrared gamma rays that were going to fry me on the spot. But I kept walking and drinking my water and looking for the shadiest streets along the way. One block passed, then two then four - I could do this - it wasn't THAT bad. My feet were on fire as I marched the final mile - looking for street numbers and wondering if my icy oasis was going to be closed for the holiday.

At last I found it - open AND air conditioned to the max. I stepped inside, drenched in sweat and ordered my treat - strawberry frozen kefir with a sprinkling of heath bar for crunch. Yum!

If you've never had frozen kefir before, I highly recommend it. It's like frozen yogurt, but tangier and SO refreshing. Not like ice cream where you feel like you have to drink a bucket of water once you're finished. This was actually thirst quenching. And at only 22 calories an ounce and hardly any fat, you can afford to have a good sized serving. WELL worth the sweat it took to get there. By the time I had finished my bowl and filled up my water bottle, I was ready to walk again.

As I started the trip back, my willpower wavered. I had a blister starting on my right foot from the heat and my legs were sore from yesterday's bike ride. Maybe I should just take the bus back. Or just take the bus half way and walk the rest.

But as I argued with myself I kept walking and soon found myself in a familiar neighbourhood. This wasn't THAT far from home. I could do it! I was sure I could. One foot in front of the other I trudged my way along the hot, hot streets dreaming of the cold shower that awaited me upon my return.

And then I saw it - those fabulous, wonderful, glorious golden arches. The McDonalds that is 2 blocks from my house. I had done it! I was never so happy to see that M in all my life. Sweaty, tired, sore - I rounded the corner and home was in sight. My pace quickened as I raced to the finish line wondering just how far I had actually gone.

One cold shower and a good, long stretch later I settled down to my computer and a nice, tall glass of water.

4.17 miles. 95 minutes. And 594 calories. I am a rockstar. I didn't think it was that far. I didn't think on a day like today I could walk it so fast. I certainly didn't think that I could walk almost the same distance that I biked yesterday. I didn't think I had it in me - but I did.

I can now walk over 5K. Heck, I can almost walk a 10K. I know I've done it before but I've never kept track of it or calculated it. But now it's official. Now it doesn't feel so scary or look so daunting. It's just one more day of proving to myself that I am so much more than I think I am. I am so much better than I have allowed myself to be. I am stronger and more capable and less afraid than Fat Me would ever give me credit for. I am breaking down her walls for good and I am so proud of what I have done.

It's amazing what a girl will do for a little frozen kefir! :)
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