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Funny Cat Story

Friday, July 02, 2010

We have a tiger striped cat who was the runt of the litter and we used to call him "That Runty Cat" whenever we were playing with the litter of kittens. The name Runty stuck, so we took him home with us.

He likes to be an outside cat and will only want to come inside if he's scared, wet, or cold. He doesn't like to use the litter box and will hold him and meow "Out...." in that cat tone to be let outside and then he'll jump over the fence and head straight for the woods to do his business. He also will greet us when we drive up in our laneway, meowing and talking to us all the way to the front door, and then will show off by stretching out against our red maple tree and scratching his nails along it.

We also have two stray cats in the area: one of which is a white cat, and the other is a black cat. We are fans of the TV Show, Lost, so we've taken to calling the White Cat - Jacob; and the Black Cat is called either No-Name, or Cat in Black.

These two cats have challenged Runty, but we've also seen Runty just putting up with them. Maybe he feels sorry for them as they have no home or owners?

Yesterday, we seen Jacob just outside our back patio door, eating our dog's food and we wondered where Runty was. We peeked very slowly as we didn't want to disturb Jacob and Runty was sitting on the middle deck, watching Jacob, and then Jacob was watching him. We seen Runty duck away and hide under the steps, and ocasionally he would poke his head up and peek to see if Jacob was still there.

Jacob noticed him, and started to slink down the stairs looking for Runty and it looked like he forgot the Runty was under the steps as he was looking very cautiously (think he was looking for our dog too). As Jacob got to the second last step, we seen Runty's two front paws come out and trip Jacob as he walked down the steps. Jacob took off like a flash! It was so funny, seeing two cats act like that when they were totally unaware they were being watched. Runty came up then came up the steps to reclaim his position as Cat of the House!
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