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making your anger work for you instead of against you

Friday, July 02, 2010

for anyone who read my last blog they will know i have a bit of anger building up in me at the moment along with a lot of other feelings.instead if letting it eat into me and stuffing my self with all unhealthy things like anyother emothional eater like me would normally do (ok i did have some crisps and chocolate biscuits but that was all honest)i decided to let it help me get the house work done quicker and more efficiantly.have changed all the bedding on the bed the last load has just gone in the wash,put the matress covers back on the matress as we had took them off to wash and air at the first sign of sun.must have burned up so many calories just doing that as they are so snug you have to push ,pull squeese,just to get the matress in the bloody thing(excuse my french)then talk about a work out trying to close the zip on the thing.anyway that is also done.did kitchen and made a home made cannoloni from scratch,no bought sauces for me.just have to clean the fridge ,then do the ironing tonight while the kids are sleeping .that should do the trick i hope.zakariya slept in our bed and he also had nightmares.i wonder how he will be tonight.hopefully no night mares.anyway i may have not done 100% so good on my calories(remember the crisps and chocolate biscuits)but i didn´t do that bad either concidering.so all in all i am proud of myself for using my anger contructively and not letting my emotions getting the best off me.woo hoo.
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