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Friday, July 02, 2010

One of the goals for this week FITS challenge is to create, continue to work on or finish a vision collage of our goals and display it on our page/ blog. Instead of starting a new ‘paper’ collage, I have decided to continue working on a digital Vision Board that I have started some time ago. My Vision Board/ Collage is literally my computer! I am almost sure that right at this moment some of you might be saying “yeah, right, nice try!”

The story behind this is … I am home most of the time on most of the days and my computer which is in view from most areas of my apartment is almost always on. We all know that whenever a computer is left unattended for more than a couple of minutes a screensaver pops up. Well, this situation was what gave birth to the idea of transforming my computer into a Vision Board/Collage. I had downloaded some pictures that I wanted to use in a blog and had forgotten to delete them as soon as I was done with them. Later that day, I noticed that they had become a part of the screen saver - right along with some other family pictures that I had saved and was using as an inspirational screen saver.

Needless to say, I have since then continue to add inspiring images, motivational quotes and affirmations, and uplifting music all of which have been serving as constant, positive reminder of the goals and dreams that I am working towards.
As I said this is a work in progress so as I get more time I will rearranged and re organize so it makes more sense to whoever may view it.
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