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what is the world coming to.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

have you ever asked yourself that question?have you been able to answer it?well i am asking it and getting no answers,well at least know answers i like.yesturday my 7 year old son,zakariya,was beaten up by 4 other boys who was also 7,can you believe it 7 years old.two of the kids held him down while the other two kicked him in the back,neck,stomach and one of them even said he put his shoes specially on so he could do more damage.as he was stomping him in the stomach.this happened in the tagsheim(after school club attached to his school)luckily a mother came at this time to pick up her son and tried to stop it,the kids wouldn´t listen to her so she got one of the workers to come and break it up.the workers had not seen it happen as they were in the classrooms and this happened in the cloakroom as zakariya had gone there to take his asthma inhaler as his asthma was bad.at the time he was just sitting on the floor as he had not the energy to get up and was takeing a break when the 4 boys came ,they talked together with themselfs then jumped on zakariya.the worker has spoken(when i spoke to him yesturday)to two of the kids parents and then planed today to speak to the other two kids parents.he also wanted to speak to me today.but as zakariya from 1.30 am yesturday night had woken up crying 4-5 times complaining of pains in the stomachj i kept him off school today and took him to the dr´s to make sure he had no internal damageor that they hadn´t damaged his kidney(which is enlarged and gives him problems every now and then)the dr took urine samples to check there was no blood in the urine did an interrnal examination and a ultra sound.luckily he has only internal bruising and though he will be sore for a few days he will be all right.while he was there she noticed that he had a virus infection of his throat so she has signed him off school till monday.though i am relieved it is nothing serious i am still angry at what happened,angry,confused,how can such a thing happen,i just don´t know where to go from here,don´t know how to approach all this with zakariya ,how to help him work through this.how do i treat the kids when i see them,how should zakariya treat them etc,etc,i know i am not wording thishow i really want to words my thoughts and feeling but to be honest it is hard to put them in words,to form the words because to me it is so unbelieveable that is beyound comprohention.anyway i hope i am making some sense here as i write this,not sure as to me there is no sense.anyway that is the stand anyway.i have no idea where to go from here.i guess i will have to play it all by ear.thanks for listening to my rambles anyway.
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    I am so sorry to hear about that, and shocked. I never thought things like this would happen at a German school because they are so strict. La Hawla wa La quwatta illah BIllahi! May Allah help you through these times!
    2877 days ago
    This is horrible and I can understand how upset you are. Try to turn that pain into positive energy, you deserve it and so does your son. I don't mean you let those young bullies off the hook, I would insist that they be kicked out unless their parents put them into therapy. If you aren't satisfied with the response, pull your child out and make other parents you know aware of the situation.
    2880 days ago
  • JEM0622
    I am so sorry this happened. When our children are involved in arguments/situations then it is upsetting to us. I hope he will be okay. The boys who did this must receive punishment. HUGS.
    2880 days ago
  • MUSIC66
    hi karen i hope those boys get the punishment they have comming to them . hope your son was not to badly tromatished or hurt.
    2880 days ago
  • PAULA3420
    Dear Karen, I am SO sad and sorry to read about this, it brought me to tears. I agree with you it MAKES NO Sense!! I can't imagine it. I support the school taking action to protect the children and like what HIPPIE44 suggested for solutions.

    I hope Zakariya heals quickly. Thank goodness they did not do serious damage to him. I am praying that God will comfort him and help him heal.

    And, I am asking God to help you know what to do and give you guidance. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN??

    Much Love to You and Your Family,
    emoticon Paula
    2880 days ago
    Oh, Karen. I am so sorry. I can't imagine what you are going through. I hope Zakariya is doing okay today. It's hard to believe that at the age of 7, children are capable of such harm. You're right, what is this world coming to. My heart goes out to you and your family. Sending hugs to all of you but especially Zakariya. God bless you.

    Mary Anne
    2880 days ago
    Oh Karen!!! I am so so sorry!! My heart is breaking as I read what happened to poor Zakariya! There is such evil in this world.. but when you think of it effecting our young children it can be more than a mother's heart can stand!

    Unfortunately having taught in the schools in the past, I am well aware of how AWFUL some kids can be. I think, "what could they have lived through that they act in this hateful way??" Children should NOT have that violent of a heart and actions!! But.. it is your son that is paying the price.

    Crying out to the Lord for your son and your family. May He make a hedge of protection around your boy.. and bring him comfort in this time of pain.. light in this time of darkness.
    2880 days ago
  • HIPPIE44
    Possible solutions for the future. School workers need to be posted at all locations where students will be. If a student cannot be accompanied by an adult, students must be paired together in a buddy system for prevention of this sort of thing. Where I am, we have zero tolerance for this sort of thing. The students involved with this should be removed from the school and should be suspended, or removed from the general population of the school for awhile and placed into a different setting.If this is an afterschool program, I would totally insist that these students be removed from it. If the parents are inconvienced, maybe they will get their kids in shape. Yes, even 7 year olds. If we do not teach them responsibility for their actions early on, no points will be made and they will continue to bully others.
    2880 days ago
    Ooh Karen. What a shocking thing to happen to little Zakariya.. I understand your confusion ...I also do not understand how there is so much violence around .... it is as if everyone is so angry ...As for those children ..I think they see to much violence on the TV also their parents have their own prejudices ...I am so glad Zakariya is not to bad with his bruises ..but it is his mind also that can be affected ..He must be so confused as to why this happened and when will it happen again?
    I thin k it is a good idea he is off school for a while it will give him time to heal both pysically and mentally . This needs to be reported to the relevant authorities...These kids and their parents should not be allowed to get away with this ... Much love to you and your dear boys ..give Zakariya a big cuddle from me and Bobby .. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2881 days ago
  • KEAMOM1510
    I'm so sorry that you had such a horrible experience. Poor Zakariya. He must be so sad. I hope the school does more than talk to the kids. They need to have some consequences for their actions.
    I'm just stunned that this could have happened.
    2881 days ago
    Karen, I am so sorry this had to happen to your son. As you said there are no words to describe how horrible this is. I live a half block away from a grammar school and all the kids walk home past my house. Last month we had something similar happen. 3 boys jumped a younger boy across the street from us. My husband ran out to break it up but they had already broken his glasses and he had a nasty cut above his eye. These boys were only 9 and they actually challenged my husband to "do something about it" They were so bold. We called the school and made sure they knew about it and all these boys got was an aftershool detention. What kind of message does that send? I don't know the answer but there has to be consequences for their actions. I hope Zakariya is doing well.
    2881 days ago
    i am as wordless and awed by 7-YEAR-OLDS INTENTIONALLY wearing a certain pair of shoes to hurt more(in other words, PRE-MEDITATED!!!)

    the teachers, or as you called them 'workers', not being able to have HEARD nor witnessed this is also puzzling...and where do parents(even if they are another child's parent) not have enough authority to stop 4 7yos from KICKING another? i hate this for you and your son, but unless the administration tries to get all(including parents) involved in a SATISFACTORY resolution, i believe i would pull my child and find a better(i doubt you could find worse) school...

    had you not mentioned his inhaler, i might have asked you(and maybe i still should) if your son had any explanation for these 4 ganging up on him...you know that bullies are some times stood up to by the ones they have picked on when the picked on ones have finally had enough...and if that were the case, perhaps the bully has learned his lesson...remember, bullying is not always PHYSICAL...a child can verbally bully others too.

    WHATEVER the case, it should not have an option to be repeated...see why your son thinks it happened and go from there...

    good luck to you...and i hope that school fixes itself...amends its policies that the incident could not be repeated--as in better-aware 'workers'
    2881 days ago
  • DEE797
    Karen, I am so sorry that this happened to Zakariya. I am relieved to hear that there is no serious damage but those boys should be punished by whoever is in charge of that afterschool program. I cannot imagine what would cause them to do such a thing. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    emoticon emoticon
    2881 days ago
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