7/1/2010..Tribute To My Hubby

Thursday, July 01, 2010

This blog is way over do. Even though he does not read my blogs, I will let him read this.

On all the work you have done around the house and all the sacrifices you have made for me just to make me feel comfortable and good. You work long and hard hours at night working then come in and still do more.

You see, and my Asthma/COPD team knows all about this. When you have our kind of problems, it is very hard to do all of things. that's why a lot of us have caregivers. Mel has been my care giver for a long time. I had someone come in to help but they didn't last long. He makes sure all my needs are met. He is a darn good shopper. uses coupons, checks sales and read labels. When he cooks, he makes sure our foods are fruits, veggies, proteins, and good carbs. He encourages me to exercises so I can build up my lungs and heart and he does some with me.

He is very intelligent and we have wonderful conversations about everything. I don't tell him everything because i don't want to add any undo stress on him. I try, and have succeeded a little, to spend his day off, which is only Sunday, to hang out with the guys. he loves to play pool so I have encouraged him to enter mini tournaments. he is a steak and potatoes guy, so I tell him to buy a steak and eat it. I don't care how much it costs because he is worth it and actually doesn't need to lose any weight. he loves sports so we watch them together.

He is gentle, kind, caring and don't like to burn bridges. But he can be stern if he has to. he kisses me when I go to bed and kisses me when he comes home at 5am in the morning. he has an awesome singing voice and loves to sing to me. he loves music like Boz Scaggs, jazz, Smooth jazz, Christian, etc.... he loves to watch Smallville, Fringe, and the Sci-Fi channel. He also loves history and animal planet. Oh...and let's not forget Star trek.

He tells me that I am his best friend and how much he really loves me. He says that we are a great team and god put us together for a reason. I know there is a lot more I can say but it would be a novel. I hope you all see how sweet and wonderful of a man he is.

So honey. All I want to say is for taking good care of me and I

I hope that everyone has someone like him in their life. A great support person.
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