9 miles walked (and still smiling)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yesterday was a big day, in that I was working in London. I needed to be focussed and would be seated during two 2 hour train journeys and for 6 hours in a conference environment! And all on such a beautiful day.

When I got up, the day was new and fresh and, although slightly overcast, looked promising - so I walked to the station (1 mile).

I'd booked train tickets to Victoria Station (London), but was surprised to see that the route meant a change at Waterloo (also London). I realised that by stopping the journey at Waterloo, I gained enough time to walk to the venue. (2.5 miles)

At the end of the session, keen to unravel the stiffness of sitting so long, I took a stroll to Covent Garden and then back through 'theatreland' and across to St James' Park where I sat for half an hour - enjoying the summer ambience. (3.5 miles)

The fountain on the lake there was spectacular, with an occasional breeze misting the spray outwards, creating refraction and rainbows! It was beautiful.

Rested, I walked on to pick up the train at Victoria. (1 mile)

And then, of course I walked home from the station. (I mile)

Voila! 9 miles walked!

A day that could have been stressful and onerous, was relaxed and pleasant. Yes, it took longer, but the additional time acted as an antidote for elements that were not so glorious.

So today, as I flex to remove the mild objections my muscles have to being re-awakened - I look forward to three weeks from now when time will be more available to me. In the meantime, I have two walks planned for today and another for tomorrow.

At last, I'm smelling the roses.

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