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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hai K'nai, the cat who adopted us last October, came home yesterday morning with a bloody and mangled throat where he had been attacked by another animal. (The vet said that it was probably another cat. Whew! I was afraid that it was one of the neighborhood kids who was taking this 'Twilight' thing to an extreme.*) $250 later, the cat was back home--having had, I hope, a lesson in pacificism.

I called Kaiser first thing this morning because the husband was experiencing severe pain in his lower left quadrant. He saw his doctor within a couple of hours and she made an appointment with the surgeon for a consultation for hernia surgery. Good news--he'll be fine/ Bad news--surgery.

I won't even go into the argument about whether or not the air conditioning on the truck was still covered under warranty. (Who has ever heard that the one-year warranty on the job they did last July isn't in effect because we haven't used the air con enough for the what's-its not to dry out??? Why in the world would we have used the air con in the Pacific NW since last September??? I'm never in the mood for this sort of b.s. but particularly, I wasn't in the mood yesterday!)

This summer has pretty much sucked so far.

*Before you get all worked up, the 'Twilight' comment was my feeble attempt at a joke.

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  • no profile photo CD639749
    Wondering how the rest of your summer went? Please tell me it improved, that would make one of us.
    3906 days ago
    Sorry that you had such a rough day! My husband had to have the double hernia surgery last winter. He was bed ridden (pretty much) for a while. The poor guy was just back to work and then he falls and breaks his tail bone! He's better now, but he still gets sore in his belly and his butt from time to time! It will get better Bee! We gotta wade through the effluvia sometimes for the good times to really shine, right?

    3966 days ago
  • LLEWIS6879
    You know, I'm not such a "glass is half-full" kind of girl, but the cat could have been worse in that he could have NOT been able to be repaired and you would have had to make a VERY difficult decision.

    Husband... could have been MUCH worse. At least what he has is easily fixable.
    Back in January, my husband had a thing in his neck and I was DISAPPOINTED that it wasn't a herniated disk and thus reparable.
    What he HAS (brachial neuritis) is NOT fixable and he has a 70% chance of getting full use of his (dominant) right hand within TWO YEARS!!! (and a 90% chance of full recovery in THREE years!!!) Many thousands of hours in physical therapy, many thousands of dollars that are not reimbursable by insurance. and still that over-riding fear that he may NEVER be able to fully use his hand again. Sometimes he can't cut his own food. A herniated disc (or a different kind of hernia) would have been a GIFT compared to what he is (and by extension, we are) going through now.
    So, congratulations on the knowledge that after a minor inconvenience, you will have your husband back, just like he was before...
    (assuming, of course, that that is a GOOD thing...)


    (and there IS a half full for your A/C... that you DO live in the pacific NW and actually only need your air conditioning 4 days a year. You could live in ARIZONA!!!
    (okay, now I'm just being a smart-@ss!)

    I genuinely hope everyone in your house is much better soon! You deserve it!
    with love and respect and healing wishes for all of you.
    3968 days ago
    Hope things turn a corner for you and your family (and cat!) soon, Els! Take care of yourself.
    3968 days ago
    This summer just seems to be a bummer for a lot of people... I personally am blaming AIG & BP for everything that goes wrong. It just makes me feel a little better that way.

    (I caught the twilight joke, but having to explain that it was a joke to the diehards was even funnier!)

    emoticon emoticon
    3968 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3345104
    That was a rough one. I'm glad the cat and the husband can both be repaired.
    I rarely lose my temper but I actually screamed at a guy over a car repair once. Turns out the problems were caused by a manufacturers defect they had known about the first two times I'd taken the car in. While telling me "we can't find anything wrong"" and sometimes people imagine things".

    Hang in there. Things will get better.
    3968 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/1/2010 1:51:32 PM
    Sorry you had a rough day, but I'm glad the hubby and kitty are going to be okay!! You know I've been having AC troubles so I feel ya there!! Just think - today just HAS to be better! Hang in there!
    3969 days ago
    Elsie, this morning I woke up to find dog poop in the house. Walking over to the paper towels I slipped in a puddle of dog urine, falling in and landing hard. And you know none of the dogs is taking responsibility for the mess or my bruises.

    All I can say is that is a comfort to me that someone of your quality is also having a time. But I'm thinking better days are ahead for both of us (even if I can't figure out how to close the fiscal year in this new software).

    I'm sorry you're taking such a beating and I'm holding a good thought for the cat and your sweetie.

    3969 days ago
    I woke in a funk from a sleepless night, so am feeling quite empathetic. On a positive note, the sun is shining......of course that is suppose to change tomorrow...... Maybe we just aren't use to this much sun. Tomorrow will be a better day. I am glad Kitty and Hubby are going to be enjoying good health soon. Hopefully the car will too.

    3969 days ago
    Sorry about the cat and hubby and the air conditioning. You are taking a beating right now. I hope things improve soon.
    3970 days ago
    Frankly, my dear, I laughed at your Twilight comment (But then we all know that us elseebees have a weird sense of humor).
    Seriously, hugs to your hubby and the cat. (Well, maybe just a pat of the top of the head for each- doesn't sound like either one's in the mood for a hug.)
    3970 days ago
    Ha! Ha! Ha! I am in the same boat with you... parents here for summer - Dad just got diagnosed w/hernia (neither are too healthy as is)... son & I have severe headcolds, pool filter not working, ice-maker on fridge is out, hubby extremely busy @ work & coaching baseball... I know I am missing something! LOL! All I can do at this point is laugh!

    Hang in there - these things go in cycles, and yours & mine have got to get on the up-swing soon!
    3970 days ago
    Wow. I hope things get better. I totally understand the no need for a/c out here!

    3970 days ago
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