Strawberry-Rhubarb Upside Down Pie, Da Beach, and how much I love my life.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After a RECORD-BREAKINGLY dismal early summer in the Pacific Northwest, we've had - GASP!!!! - some sunshine and warm days!

The neighborhood is positively blissed - everyone is actually OUTSIDE without being rained on. THE TEMPERATURE WAS IN THE 80'S!!! (the daytime high a week ago was an astounding 54.)

Our neighbors Jay and Connie invited us to a musical event at a local winery last Thursday night. It was PERFECT - live music, delicious wine, and barbecue on an absolutely PERFECT evening. What could be better than THAT?

And here's a downside of losing weight - not me - heaven FORBID - but my husband - his pants is always too big! He wore his special silk shorts from last year - which are now two sizes too big. PANTS ON THE GROUND! He and Connie were set on dancing, PLUS he'd forgotten his belt - omg - he had a hell of a time trying to keep his pants up! :) (He's lost 80 pounds since we moved in together.)

We went to the coast on Sunday - it was so beautiful. It is rare to have sunshine on Oregon beaches, but we had it, and we got the primo fire-pit that I've always wanted to have. We had a weenie roast and made s'mores. We ran the poodles up and down the beach in the surf with the Chuck-it and tennis balls until they were kilt. I grew up on the beach in Winslow Harbor on Bainbridge Island with my cousins and siblings. Hiking your stuff up and down on the beach is GREAT exercise, too!

My roses are spectacular - I promise I will take pitchers for you!

Back to the pie...

We bought into a local 'CSA' - community sustainable agriculture. You pay a flat fee for the 18 weeks, and then each week you get a 'share.' Our weather in Oregon has been, as mentioned previously, really much colder and wetter than is normal, so, understandably, it's not a good year for the CSA. They were a week late starting, and our share was pretty skinchy. They are promising to make it up in future boxes this summer. We bought a share for a family of four and it's not even adequate for a family of two at this point.

One of the things we got was rhubarb, and we also got fresh local strawberries. The strawberries were to DIE for! I looked up a recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie on the Food Network site. I made pie crust from scratch, and baked the most GORGEOUS pie you ever saw! I sent my husband to 3 stores to find coarse granule sugar for the top - finally the bakery manager at Haggen's sold us a container. The pie was a work of art - I wish I'd taken a pitcher!

SO.... Jay and Connie came over to pick us up, and we showed them the pie. We were all going to come back here after the winery musical thing and eat pie with ice cream.

We walked in the door after the winery event and....

My beautiful pie was upside down on the floor of the kitchen!

Parker. Bad, BAD, evil Parker had pulled the pie off the counter, even though I'd put it where I thought he couldn't reach it.

I didn't cry - Connie humored me out of it.

We took the bottom plastic piece out of a re-usable shopping bag, slid it under the pie, and flipped it over. Connie said, "How dirty can your floors BE?" lol! We took the top that had touched the floor off (cry) and I put in four scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and the four of us stood there with spoons and ate pie. HA!

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  • LLEWIS6879
    My neighbor has a major counter surfer and she puts stuff like pies and things in the microwave when she's out of the house.

    Very funny image of the husband dancing while holding up the shorts. Maybe he should have let them fall...
    Think of the money he might have made.
    Woohoo! I think you should get him a G string for your anniversary, then, at least he can dance for YOU!!

    (I made an absolutely stunning trifle for New Years and I took a picture, but it didn't really get the SCOPE of the thing. Rather like taking pictures of the grand canyon...)
    3079 days ago
    I was just relieved to know that you did not have a meat pie the next night named Parker! Poodle pies could never be as good as salvaged Straw berry/rhubarb.Even if he may have deserved to "stew in his own juice"I am also quite sure that the vanilla bean Ice cream killed all the germs from the floor (and there is not one of us Sparkers that has not eaten something from the floor ......that is how we got this way in the first place .....letting nothing go to waste at all!) maybe your blog should have been titled "OUT OF THE DOG HOUSE AND INTO THE CRATE" certainly glad everything turned out ok emoticon
    3081 days ago
    Oh man, your pie! I groaned when I read that. Here's another recipe for rhubarb that I think is outstanding.

    It actually comes from a series of cookbooks called "The Best of Bridge" and one of the authors was our former neighbour. They are all excellent recipes. I did this one about two weeks ago and even though my egg whites didn't stiffen up it was still yummy. (I don't have a proper mixer, I use one of those Braun stick thingies.)

    Congrats to your hubby with his pants on the ground. He's no fool for losing 80 lbs!!
    3085 days ago
    Sounds like a beautiful time had by all . . . especially Parker! I loved the story of your weekend, it makes me envious of the wonderful time you are having!

    3085 days ago
    OH! I'm so glad you were able to salvage the pie, rhubarb is my favorite, next time do a crumble and you won't have to run around for the sugar.

    3085 days ago
    LOL!!!! It sounds to me like it was a GREAT weekend! I am glad that you have a neighbor like yours and the whole pie did not go to waste! Since I live in Florida now I never see rhubarb here and it is one of my favorites. Lucky me I got to visit my Mom, Dad and sisters in Klamath Falls, Oregon a few weeks ago and my Mom had rhubarb! We had sweetened rhubarb for breakfast several mornings and I also got to share a strawberry-rhubarb pie! I would not have let the pie go to waste either, especially if no one was watching! I figure that I ate plenty of dirt when I was a kid and it didn't hurt me; I have made it to 61 so far with no ill effects (physical anyway). emoticon
    3085 days ago
    Sounds like the perfect weekend, and the perfect neighbor, to keep your sense of humor about the pie and make the best of it! Thanks for sharing, your writing is really great, I feel like I was there!
    3085 days ago
  • no profile photo CHOCMOM
    LOL @DALAI_LALA emoticon So much to choose from, pants falling off dancing gentlemen - dogs tipping but not eating pies??? No way that pie would have survived at my house - once it hit the ground!! emoticon (Ok I was looking for emoticon of a pie on the ground or pants on the ground - not available!!!!!)
    3086 days ago
    Baaaaaad doggie!!
    Good story!
    3086 days ago
    Very funny! At least you got to eat some pie though!! Fair play to your hubby on his weight loss too.
    3086 days ago
    I read this quickly the first time, then dashed off to the PO, and while standing in line, the images from your blog came to mind and I started to giggle. The person in front of me startled, stepped quickly away and bumped into the person in front of her which set me to giggling some more. I apologized, overcome by embarrassment and still giggling I tried to offer an explanation which I'm pretty sure included the name Parker but may not have included the word dog. And pants on the ground might have gotten mixed up with pie on the floor. I am also pretty sure at least a couple of my neighbors think I'm a bit "touched in the head" AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.

    Parker is obviously the perfect dog for you - he exhibits an exuberant lust for life. As does the husband insisting on dancing even though he has to struggle to hold his pants up and the neighbor who will not be dissuaded from the delights of the pie. They will NOT let themselves miss out on the good things in life.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3086 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/29/2010 10:10:02 AM
    I hate it when things like that end up on the floor. At least the rest of the great weekend kept you from allowing yourself to be devastated.
    3086 days ago
    LOL...oh Parker! You're lucky though that he at least saved some for you! :) I remember when I was wee little, we left the house and my mom left a sheet cake on the dining room table. While we were gone, the dog went around the table and ate off all 4 corners of the cake! Too funny. Except my mom DID cry (the cake was for someone).

    Anyway, your beach weenie roast sounds divine!! I wish we could do that here - the banks of the Ohio aren't all that inviting ;)
    3086 days ago
    Mmmmm... pie... oh wait, what? Something about a dog, and pants on the ground, I think... and PIE...

    3086 days ago
    Argh! Sorry to hear about the pie! Rhubarb pie is one of my favorites. At least Connie had the good sense to know the kitchen floor is never dirty enough to prevent rhubarb pie lust from reaching its consumation.

    The party looks like fun and your husband looks darling dancing.

    What a great day!

    Bad Parker, Bad!
    3086 days ago
    Dear Parker,

    As a talented and unrepentant counter surfer, I would like to give you a big tip. Don't waste your surfing on rhubarb pie, it is full of rhubarb. Rhubarb is tart. Pumpkin pie is much much better. Save your surfing for steak or butter or pumpkin pie.

    emoticon Love,


    3086 days ago
    Mmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Rhubarb and strawberry - now I know what to make this evening! Archie won't get a look in. Know your place, bad dog. emoticon
    3086 days ago
    So sorry for the pie accident. I have a fresh made rhubarb strawberry pie in the frig as we speak. Up it has been great weather in the northwest.
    3086 days ago
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