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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hi, All!

I'm thinking about trying the Metabolic Research Centers "Meta HCG" program. I've been doing a ton of research. I like that it would help me to get rid of some of this weight quicker (and, ultimately save me money and increase my overall success because it's quicker), but I wonder about any long-term consequences. I would love to hear from anyone who has had success following an HCG program. Note that the MRC program does not involve any shots - just sub-linqual drops.

Thanks in advance!
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    Thanks for all the comments. If you do decide to try an HCG program either through Metabolic Research Centers or otherwise, be sure to look for HCG that's actually derived from humans, not synthethic or from animals.
    2669 days ago
    I have had great success with the HCG diet. I wanted to pass along some information on purchasing Homeopathic HCG. When purchasing look for the least amount of numbers and the lowest numbers for example 3x 6x 12x. The lower the number and the less numbers, the higher the potency of the HCG. The more numbers, the more times the HCG has been diluted.
    I found a great product at It has a very high potency and is a 1x enhanced with energy boost and appetite suppressant. Check it out.

    2669 days ago
  • ONYX200722
    The thing to remember is to check with your dr. I checked with my doctor upon my yearly physical exam and, after I started hcg (LOL), and within the 3 weeks my bad cholesterol awas good, and my good cholestorol was just a little low, best it had been in years... In addition, my blood pressure was perfect and just a year ago he threatened to put me on bp medicine, and my knees feel perfect going up and down my staircase. I recommend hcg but seek your dr's advice 'first' :). My dr. encouraged me to continue as he was pleased with my results. OH and I had lost 16lbs.... emoticon
    2706 days ago
    Once upon a time i lived in florida where mrc clinics were everywhere. I now live in Nh and called florida to send me a starter kit. I hope it works as well as it has for you guys. emoticon
    2715 days ago
    I did one round, which I finished up in early October. I lost 37 lbs on a 42 day round. I felt great, had some hunger, but not bad. I used real hcg, (not homeopathic), and did it sublingually. The part I liked best is that I have been able to keep it off, through thanksgiving and Christmas without too much trouble. I will be starting my second round sometime in mid January. I had a couple of other people I was doing it with as support, which helped. I will be doing it as a group this time with an hcg diet coach. Best of luck.
    2725 days ago
    This program really works! I am enrolled at the Beaverton, OR MRC and have been doing the Meta-HCG program for 34 days now. Seeing great results down over 23.5 lbs and 17 inches overall!!!! You an do two 30 day rounds of HCG back to back maxium.
    2867 days ago
    Hi again!

    I am doing two, also. I guess my only concern is that other places say a max of 40-42 days at a time. So, will we stop losing after that time period? I hope not. I am excited to see the pounds go away, too. I was down to 259.5 on my last weigh-in so its SUPER motivating for me to aim to lose 60 lbs... welcome to "onederland" and all that.

    I am awake at 3:30 a.m. because I had caffeine today! Ah! I was a total Mountain Dew addict before MRC, with an occasional cola thrown into the mix. I tried quitting caffeine so many times on my own and couldn't do it. The vitamin B12 made all the difference as far as withdrawl symptoms; I didn't even miss the sugary sweetness. But alas, caffeine is allowed on this plan and I didn't close my ears in time not to hear it. ;-) And so, after 8 weeks without it, I succumbed today. It was very tasty but I'm hating that I can't sleep right now.

    So I did my first loading day today, and I made myself sooooo sick! I didn't believe the staff when they said that their bodies made them sick before their minds said 'stop.' I woke up and after waiting for the troche to dissolve-- seemed to take a long time-- I ate ice cream for breakfast. And no small amount, either. I also ate cashews today, and had a full-on cheeseburger meal at Sonic (but couldn't finish the tots), and I ate Babybel cheese and macademia nuts. I don't like avocadoes-- so no matter how much fat they have, they're not making the list. I had a stomache ache this morning. After lunch I just felt kinda heavy and gross.

    By evening time, all I wanted was watermelon and ice water... lots of ice water. I found myself eating more than my body wanted because I had psyched myself up for this great fat-fest and I reverted into emotional eating habits (ie binging). I think tomorrow will be a whole lot more tame for me!

    They told us in food instruction for this program that our skin and hair would be softer because of the oils being released; I expected that to take a long time, but my face got oily (not truly oily, but sort of just softer and moister) immediately and the rest of my skin I could notice a slight difference by evening. And I have REALLY dry skin, so this quick of an effect is quite amazing.

    I don't feel as yucky now that its been several hours since I have eaten. I am terrified to look at the scale now! But I can see how the 500 cal days are starting to look enticing and also I can see from the way I reacted to eating what, before MRC, was a pretty normal diet for me (I usually had fast food once to twice a day and junk food in between), how big the changes have been since starting MRC. It was kind of an ah-ha moment to realize this evening as I was passing Albertsons that the one and only thing I truly wanted, besides cold water, was watermelon... sweet and watery. Sure its higher in sugars than berries, but still... watermelon over fast food? I'll take that kind of craving any day!!
    2903 days ago
    Yeah, we just weighed in this morning again and Sam mentioned that when she does the food class, she'll be talking about healthier options like avocado and nuts. But, all my research says the same thing the Hillsboro manager told you - it's harder if you do that. I know I'll be miserable after eating those 2 days, but if it helps for the rest of the time, that's what I'm gonna do. One thing I read is that you should think about the foods you use because the HCG will already start working on your appetite those first two days, so if you eat a loaded baked potato, you'll be really full, but you can get the same fat from ice cream and not feel so full, so you can get more in. Totally contrary to everything we've been taught to eat!! But, the science behind the loading days seems to make sense. Red Robin's cheeseburger is 48 grams of fat compared to 24 for their chicken sandwich, so maybe a cheeseburger? Our center staff mentioned that they were planning to load up at Taco Bell. I haven't eaten any fast food since before I started in April, so I'm sure I'll be so sick, but should be interesting trying it!

    OK, even smaller world... I work in Hillsboro, too!! I go to the Beaverton center because my hubby, also on MRC, works from home, and I wanted to go to the same center, and the Beaverton one is closer to home. Too funny!

    I'm thrilled to know someone else going through this at the same time - we'll be able to share our days and get support from each other. :-) I'm starting loading on Saturday, July 10. I figured I'd do better with that over the weekend and then having Monday be my first 500 calorie day. I sometimes have a hard time eating everything I'm supposed to during the week with my busy work schedule, so I figure starting the 500 calorie day on a workday is best.

    Are you doing one cycle (30 days) or two (60 days)? I plan to do two. Can't wait to get going and see these pounds go away!!

    2908 days ago
    Hey Suz-- smaller world than you think! I live in Sherwood, too. I go to the Hillsboro Center because its just 1 mile down the road from the ESD where I work.
    Yes, we'll definitely have to post our results for the team! When they told me about it, they said they're supposed to give us guidelines on the loading days, but that their supervisor had done it once with "healthy fats" and felt totally hungry and then once with cheeseburgers and such, and felt not at all hungry and lost just as well. What are you planning for loading days to look like?
    2908 days ago
    Hey, Jessica.

    I'm in Sherwood and I go to the Beaverton center (small world). :-) I did quite a bit of research, and went through the same thing this week - did the bloodwork yesterday and saw the nurse practioner today. I'm attending the food class next Wed, 7/7, at the Beaverton center, and plan to do my "loading" days next weekend.

    It'll be nice to know someone who is doing this at the same time! And, we'll have to keep everyone posted on how it works, and, more importantly, how we do keeping the weight off!

    2911 days ago
    Hi Suz,
    I actually just signed up for the Meta HCG program. I did the blood work this morning and have my appt. with the physician's assistant for a physical on Thursday. Then I'm told it takes a couple of days after he submits the prescription for the center to get the HCG, then they call. So-o, I hope to be starting next week.

    There is a lot of controversy out there over it, but from everything I've read, I feel good about giving it a try. I'll let you know how it works out. I feel good about it not attacking lean muscle mass at all, and only going for adipose tissue.

    I see you have a pic at the Portland Chinese Gardens. Do you live in the Portland area? Which center to you go to? I'm going to the Hillsboro Center, and it seems that Hillsboro and Beaverton are at least two of the ones just starting.

    Anyway, I'll be interested to hear what you decide.

    2912 days ago
    I've never heard of the program, but it sounds interesting.
    2912 days ago
    I haven't done it but I would be interested in hearing about it too from anyone who has used it.
    2912 days ago
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