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What I Have Been Up To... oh the drama -- Not Health Related and Super Long

Monday, June 28, 2010

Not much of a motivator this month, and I deeply apologize. Between the moving, sorting and tossing, as well as the rearranging of the rest of my life, I have not logged in as much. I know. I suck. My move got pushed, then someone said they might want to buy my house, which meant I couldn't use it as storage as I thought, which meant a heck of a lot more to pack. ( A great thing, really, but a lot more work than I thought. lol) Plus, a little drama with the finances, a freelance art job I am trying to land, and well a girl HAS to have some fun. So what have I been doing with myself between packing? You recall my cast of characters... Shall we go over them again? If you remember, skip the next paragraph. ;)

BSK or Beauty School Knockout is my 26 year old, pierced hang out buddy. She also cut my hair. See above. :) The Flux is my DJ friend of over a decade who I met BSK through. The Shopping Nazi is the one that barricaded me in the dressing room way back when and made me realize I lost weight in the very beginning of my journey. The Film Student is my art accomplice and occasional date... much younger, very cute date. lol Not as bad as an Ashton/Demi complex, but say, divide that difference by 2. GG, or Guatemala Girl, is my summer visitor who teaches down there and a writer.

So anyway, last weekend I went to a show with GG before she headed back east to NYC for a bit. Crazy punk show. Drama follows this girl. I can't take her anywhere. People feel stuff on her, push her rudely, etc. And the girl is like an amazon woman--tall as heck. But I had fun, which was good because I had nothing to do last weekend and was quite bummed. See, this often happens around Father's Day. I forget, other people make plans, I do nothing or very little, and then I get depressed about my father's death. :( So I was all for anything to do that weekend. BSK had left for the weekend to see her dad. TFS was out of town. So she FB'd me about the show and then we went to hang out with the Flux afterwards. The Flux tags with another DJ sometimes, who we will call DJBlu because of his crazy blue eyes. Yeah, he is probably a "no" man, but at least he would be more age appropriate. lol So some decent music (by my standards) followed by even better music that was being played by my friends, which meant dancing by myself, as well as serious people watching. ;) The rest of the weekend I packed and tossed. I was trying to be a good girl. I think I have donated half of my belongings now. :) Pseudo arms are looking pretty good.

FINALLY BSK was back in town by Wednesday. So I let her choose where we were going. (oh the life of the unemployed and unattached). She chose her fave place, which I had never been to, and I found a little random. Her DJ friend was playing that night, but he had little I asked for, so he doesn't get a name yet in my blog. Nice enough, but if you can't play what I ask, then you don't get a name. However, if I walk in and my friend DJBLU (who is a sorta new friend, but have seen around forever and always thought was so handsome is playing my fave song on earth, he gets a name. =) It was like having an entrance in a movie. lol I laughed and said, "ah, you're playing my song" to which he replied, "sweetie that is a really f-d up song to call your song, but I love and identify with that song too". We share a brain when it comes to music I have found in the last few weeks. Beyond that, I don't know that much. lol But back to Wednesday...and now the real question.

So yes, back on Wednesday, which BSK occasionally refers to as the "ugly" bar because of the male patrons. But she likes the music and the atmosphere. lol Well, I did hear some of THE WORST pick up lines ever. From the simple head nod "where have you been all my life", to which I answered "not here". Seriously, I don't remember this part of being single. I never heard all of these cheesy lines and crap before. In the end I did meet two really nice guys--and so not unattractive--, that BSK and I talked to for awhile until she was so drunk she wandered off, who happened to be best friends, who both asked for my info, and as I found out also happened to be 22. (Okay so I liked the one more than the other, who actually isn't my normal "type". Go figure!) BUT 22! How the heck do I do this?! Is there a beacon on my body somewhere that I am unaware of? Remember my age? 33! TFS is 24, and now I attract younger? And yet, they don't care... they are totally employed well and were really cool, but it sort of tripped me out at first...and yet on second thought, it didn't really bother me too much after the real evaluation of character. It actually bothers me that it doesn't bother me more. lol Uh oh. And its not like there were not all ages in that place...the cheesiest lines were from the oldest guys. Anyhow, I don't expect to hear from either of them, because I never do expect it, but I do like to have fun while in the moment.

After I drug BSK's butt home, along with her other friend, who was happily telling me how much she loved me lol, I met up with The Film Student...because he invited me to rest up and I knew I could stay at his place safely before my long drive back up to the desert. Plus, I like talking to him. He didn't come out because he had to go to his little sister's graduation the next day and didn't want to party it up. Being responsible... but not too responsible because once we start talking, we don't really shut up. So much for the resting... but my one drink definitely wore off. (and yes, I counted those calories, it just doesn't take much to make me feel it)

Then the next days were more packing and trashing. And I did a prelim for the freelance job. AND THEN Art Guy posted something about not falling in love blah blah blah...(it was a quote from a 7 year old about "if falling in love is like learning to spell I don't want to do it. It takes too long." and then he commented on his own post with " I agree" to make it pop up in the Top which I wanted to shout liar because of the stuff he had said to me and how he still won't talk to or see me...My friends that know him think he was trying to bait me with it. Honestly I don't know if it was a bait, but it still irritated me. I did not respond to his post. I did post on my own that I wasn't planning on going out but needed a break, which I certainly did. I went out. By myself. And then around 12:30am or so, I posted a Happy to be out and about from my phone, because it really was true. The next morning he had deleted his post from his wall. Hmmm.... I don't get him. It is getting easier though..but yes, I still think about him.

So what did I do by myself? I talked to my artist/kung fu teacher/ bouncer friend, (how do I name that?) who travels around from Eugene to So Cal to Sedona and back again, just doing his thing, and then I talked to DJBLU much of the night about music, hung out with the Flux (they were tagging the floor that night), heard a band at the coffee house earlier, and then TFS showed up late, met some new people he knows, and then I left, but got texted asking where I had gone...So I ended up hanging out until dawn with him again. :)

I had a great time that night...although it does seem to weird people out when I show up alone. Why is that? I'm rather used to it. Even TFS asked if I came alone, and seemed rather surprised for a sec before he realized who he was talking too...which is funny because I came alone the first night I met him. Since when do you have to go in a pair or pack?

And then it was more work and packing. blah blah blah... I am so close to being done with the packing...I just take my time. My roommate is moving his stuff out on Tues and then on Friday. And then he is gone, and I will have more room to maneuver. I am taking some of my stuff to my new place on Tuesday. I have another load to take to donation... I am actually trying to centralize all the boxes so when BSK and I move me, we don't have to pull them from every room. So one room will be empty, the bathrooms well be empty, and the bedroom will only have furniture in it... unless I can figure out how to move it out before then. ;) Really this is the best move I have ever made...I am never this well prepared. lol Of course, we do have to remove stuff from the shed, but that's all in boxes. (Mostly the communal stuff of mine and my sisters...and yet I move it alone to storage.) So it is just move them. Ideally, I want everything in the main room, ready to go, except the mattress. lol Then I take the railing off of the porch stairs (did it last time) move the ramp onto the stairs, and load straight across into the truck. See? A plan. ;) Of course, nothing ever goes as planned now does it...

Well that's what I am up to. Weight--same. Body image--same. Size--still a 4, with 34D, minus the cute butt I used to have. I will get that other 30 pounds off. I just got to finish this move and the craziness with it. I miss the gym so much. But I do get to go to a house with a pool, so I am thinking of swimming and maybe some sort of water aerobics as exercise...and there are steps around the outside of it to help my butt. ;) Because of the abrupt changes I did not make my spark anniversary goal on the 24th of 140 lbs. but I have to remember how far I have come in 1 year. 16 to a 4. That is nothing to dismiss. ;) Every once in a while I have to remember to pat myself on the back. =)

TTFN my friends...
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  • KIMMER1969
    Okay, so I'm caught up...You're doing so well. Don't let this temporary plateau get you too discouraged. Think of this as your down time as you begin a new phase of your life!

    3220 days ago
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