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Day 172 - Year 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

SATURDAY 06/26/10

I have been away, since Tuesday, with limited internet access due to using WIFI. Not always cooperative. Did not do points most days. Missed all the writings etc, but tried to check my blog and spark page every day.
I'm back home now and glad to be here.

Last night I rubbed my eyes SO HARD, I mean HARD, that I tore about a 1/4 of the cornea off my eye... Painful and not fun. SUpposed to basically stay in bed till tomorrow at least. Talk to you later. typing with one eye...well 10 fingers with one eye open :)

Drove all the way home today, before seeing an eye specialist/Doctor. Almost missed her. SHe was outside getting in her car when the girl caught her. I am thankful to GOD for His blessing for me and that she was there and willing to come back in and see me.

The Dr said she is usually gone by then, so I know the Lord planned it that way. I could have been there a lot sooner, but I stopped several times trying to find a regular eye doctor, on the way home. It just got worse and worse as I drove with one eye open most of the time. Very tiring and scary. Hard to move the eye it hurt so bad.

Anyway, long story short, got to the Doctors, they put meds in it. Then she put what they call a Patch on it. It's a patch like a contact lens, weird, but good, Keeps the cornea covered and lets it heal. Said it was unbelievable how I tore that big a piece out by rubbing my eyes. SO don't do that!

Am supposed to be in bed till tomorrow and rest so the eye can heal. Sait it should heal in 24-48 hours. Going back Monday. Got anti-biotic and eye drops to keep eye moist.

SHe said I have a very high pain threshhold and I said that I did. It was getting too me though and I was really upset when I got there.

Well, I'm going to write a short blog and get off here.

See you all tomorrow for a short time.

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