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Saturday, June 26, 2010

This may sound stupid, but I met a small personal goal. When I started working with my trainer, he wanted me to do a sit up, grab the Smith Machine bar, and do a pull up - really a diagonal one, not a real pull-up. The problem was, I couldn't do the sit up, at all. I couldn't even do one. He's telling me to use my arms and swing up, just sort of heave up. When I could only get half way up, he'd give me a little push. He ultimately gave me a resistance band over the top of the machine to give myself the little "boost" to get all the way up. Mind you, this is a huge gym, and there were tons of people around! I was totally embarrassed. So, the "evil" trainer that he is, has been making me do planks, crunches, and other core exercises for the past 14 weeks. And I hate him every time I do them! (Not really, he's adorable!) So, when I finished my workout tonight, I was laying on a mat stretching, and decided, what the hell, there isn't anyone around right now, lets see if I can do a sit up. And I did!!! In fact, I did 10! My goal was to be able to do one without his help by my birthday in October, so I'm 3 months ahead of schedule. I'll try to remind myself of that everytime I get frustrated with the slow pace of the weight loss.!
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