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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yesterday, I finally tackled the lawn mowing after a very long time of rain and rain and rain. We have one section that goes out to the street that's at an extremely steep angle and almost impossible to mow with a mower unless you have the upper body strength of...what I thought I had. I stand on the even part and by the time I get the mower up the hill, my arms are just about straight out. Steep.

Long story short, I got the majority of it mowed but when I had the mower at the top, my foot went into a hole, my leg twisted sideways, and the mower started downhill toward me. Not even thinking, I held onto the mower and moved it to my right side away from my body. The mower tipped onto its side and my foot was still stuck in the hole and I wrenched my whole body to the right with pretty much the full weight of the mower.

So much for mowing yesterday. I took some Ibuprofen and decided that my lawn is not worth my life and I quit for the day. I used the weed whacker on the rest of the hill today and finished that section but then I gave up. I hurt.

So I decided that I need some new summer pants since I've cleaned out my closet of all the stuff that no longer fits because it's all too big on me. I proudly went to the size 10's and brought them into the dressing room to try on. None of them fit.

They were all too big! I guess that I skipped size 10 entirely and now wear a size 8. WooHoo! It was rather exciting and just about made up for the fact that I injured myself over some stupid grass.
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  • no profile photo CD1898706
    Woo-hoo on skipping size 10! You go girl! I have to add mowing is definitely not worth your life. I am glad you are alright!
    3975 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6675752
    Yikes, mowers are powerful, big things! I'm so glad you didn't get badly hurt. Rest and keep up the ibuprofen, OK? And congratulations on the size 8, that's freakin' fantastic!!!
    3975 days ago
    YIKES!!!! That could have been a really bad day for you. I'm so glad you're (mostly) alright. This totally sounds like something that would happen to me. I trip over cracks in the sidewalk like nobody's business.

    Congrats on size 8! Single digits, woohoo! emoticon
    3976 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3345104
    AAEIHH (however that supposed to be written) You scared the bejesus outta me!
    Once while mowing the lawn with my father we went flying over a stone ledge and fell to the terrace below. Somehow we (including the mower) survived relatively unscathed. I can still hear my father's voice as he gravely instructed me, "Your mother does not need to know about this".
    Much relieved to know you weren't seriously hurt. emoticon

    Yah on the size drop! What a lovely surprise. emoticon
    3976 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/24/2010 7:26:51 AM
    Times like that I'm glad we only have a small plot of weeds to maintain. I'm sorry you hurt, but I'm SO glad it wasn't any worse! (Had visions of serious blade-induced damage there for a moment... not good at all.)

    And, yippee! on your new size 8 self! Congrats!
    3976 days ago
    I know how hard it is to mow on an incline! About a third of my yard is on a 45 degree angle and boy does it suck to mow. I try to do the front one day and the back the next because after that hill I'm done!


    Sorry to hear that you hurt your ankle! Those sort of annoying injuries are the worst! They are embarassing and make me feel like I should be able to overcome them and just move on, but when I do that they just persist.


    It's wonderful to hear that you are down to a size 8! You are in a ghreat size to be, lot's a pretty clothes in size 8!

    3976 days ago
    Glad you're alright! Serious props about the clothes. emoticon
    3976 days ago
    Oh, please be careful of yourself. The grass isn't worth an injury.

    Congratulations on the size 8 pants! That is a definite Woo Hoo!
    3976 days ago
    I'm glad you were not injured. It sounds dangerous!! How nice to be a size 8!!
    3976 days ago
    Wow! Glad you didn't mow yourself over:)

    3976 days ago
    Woah! For a brief second I was worried that you had sliced off something, but you probably wouldn't be so lighthearted in your post... I'm glad it wasn't too bad...

    But also, I'm glad it was SO GOOD! Woo hoo! Congratulations! And many other things ending in many exclamation points!!!!!!


    3976 days ago
    emoticon All that discipline and hard work has paid off.
    3976 days ago
    I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too bad. Congrats on the loss. emoticon
    3976 days ago
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