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Monday, June 21, 2010

Ok, so its been a while since my last update. I'm still around, swear =]

First of all Confession...
This last week was awful. I ate out every single night and we are talking shakes, frostys, fries, alllll in mah tummy. Not to mention some little debbies(or a lot). That wench is everywhere I freakin turn.

This last week wasn't intentional. I wasn't craving junk. I actually hated eating it after the second day.

Then why did I eat it you ask?

Well Spark, there comes a time in every young adults(or older) life when they finally grow up and lose the last of their "baby" teeth. By that I mean my wisdom teeth. They've come in(a while ago) and now I have to have them removed. Apparently there is no way you can keep them clean, and most adults have to have them removed. booooooo

I THOUGHT I had severely chipped my tooth(I should really stop chewing on bones in my free time) but alas I didnt. I guess my wisom teeth are decaying(yucky) from the inside out and my supposed chipped tooth is actually the result of my tooth CAVING IN. WTF. Anyways, it caved in on the top, another isnt far behind, and the other two I'll have pulled to prevent ever feeling like this again.

Well when it caved in, it hurt and I couldnt eat anything I had to actually substantially chew. Enter my weeklong McDiet of fries and frosties. I managed some chicken nuggets later in the week. Now I could have been proactive and gone shopping, but the way I felt I just didnt. I medicated and slept. I didn't clean, do laundry, I left early from work a few days. It was just one of those weeks. I'm NOT going to beat myself up for it or make a negative blog about it. Eff that.


will be different. I'm having the really bad yucky tooth removed this week. Tomorrow actually. Soooooo, I'll probably be in soupville usa for this week. I can't call in to work and I cant really leave early Wednesday, only like an hour. Our boss is on vacay and we are forbidden to call in. Shoot. This week might possibly be torture. I'm NOT tracking this week. I will trytrytry for water and not to let my eating go to crap just because I don't feel good. I'll soup it up and live. Once I get this week done, I'm going back to the gym. Yesyes.

My love goes out to Allyn this week, I knows you needs it *hug*

Oh and I think we are trying attempt numero 3905823985935 to quit smoking. We can do it, stupid living situation makes it haaaaard though.

I've also been productive today...

Kitchen cleaned Check!
Dishes done CHECK!
Laundry done Pretty Darn Close CHECK!
Trashcans emptied CHECK!
Work day completed CHECK!
I will also fill our water bottles, finish laundry, and tidy up the room. Then mebe a shower before the lady gets hoooome.

Have a fabulous week Spark, I'll check in ASAP
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  • no profile photo CD7565518
    Both my siblings wisdom teeth grew in perfectly fine. Mine didn't I lived on Jello, Soup and Mash potatoes for a few days and was highly doped on pain killers watching soap operas.... While I still watch the occasional soap (although they were better while doped up) I can't touch Jello or instant mash potatoes.

    But I can say this, if you go the mash potato route, use some beef or veggie stock to make them, it'll help vary the flavor.

    3783 days ago
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