First 10K -- Done! :D and a great story to go with it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Longest Day of the Year 10k Race....I am very happy to report that I completed my very first 10K - and most likely not the last one.
It was an interesting route, a 5K distance that the 10Kers had to go through twice. On the bad side, we got to see the same thing twice as opposed 10K distance worth of different views... on the plus side, since I ran the first 5K the second lap I knew exactly where I was and how far there was to go... so not too bad.

I must admit that I felt like I didn't warm up enough - not like my 5K 2 weeks ago where I got a 30 min bike ride (to get to the race) and when I got there I was nice and warm. This was only 10 min bike ride away and I did try to do the fast walk but didn't seem to be enough. I still had a good time. Had my iPod and brought my own water bottle even though there were 4 water stations, I like to be able to have water when I need it, plus it's a bit easier to drink out of my bottle than the cups they had.

I finished on 1hr 1min 52sec which is better than my 1 hr 5 min estimate emoticon

As I finished I continued to jog a bit so as to not come to a complete stop. Then I get a side hug (I thought it was my husband) and a kiss on my cheek, then a few more side hugs and he says "I am so proud of you, i am glad I made it to see you, you are awesome! How exciting"... and I look at him - not my husband - a guy on his 50s
Thoughts: "Who is this guy?", "Is he with the race committee or something and they randomly congratulate runners?"... Ok he is not leaving he is still walking with me.. He is older than my husband by like 30 years... "How long was i running that he aged so much?!?!" Just kidding! But really I was very confused hahaha. Then I took my sunglasses off so he could see that well I don't think I was who he meant to be hugging, but he was still around and hugged me one more time, huge smile on his face... OK... Then I see my husband who starts talking to me and the guy discretely leaves. I tell my husband the story. Oh what a great story that made!
The guy later spotted me again and came to apologize since he realized he confused me and then pointed to a girl who was the one he meant to hug at the finish line... I guess she looks like me "pink top, dark running pants..." but there are several that met that criteria hahaha
This is the girl (I didn't know my husband took a picture of her to compare!)

Some pics of the race (and you decide if we look the same!)

There were no finishing medals, which I must confess I was a bit dissapointed about, oh well!

I ran into 2 Spakies: Leah (L3DESIGNS) and her husband Bill (ELYMWX). I saw that Leah and I were running the same race, and she said "we might see you there" and I thought "no way! there are going to be lots of people!" and ELYMWX actually said he recognized my husband from a pic on my page and spotted me - good eye! Both of them had Great times 52 min for ELYMWX (wow!) and 57 for L3DESIGNS.

All in all it was a great race... and now looking forward to my first Half Marathon next Sunday!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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