I woke up this morning... and my waist was gone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ok, so not exactly. But.. just see below.

The one on the left was from May 2009. The one on the right is from today, June 21, 2010. Hollaaaa!

I was kind of flabbergasted! I mean, I hadn't eaten anything yet, which usually accounts for the super teeny tininess of my waist in the morning.. but still, it's getting SO small! Especially from the side! This is very exciting. (I'm hovering between 29 and 31 inches, and I'd like to get to a solid 26 inches.)

I think it was that 2 hour hike the other day. Going on another one today, for sure.

I can also feel my abs underneath the layer of fat that is left. They're definitely getting harder. Ohhhh that 6-pack is just waiting to come out!!

My arms are another story. And my saggy-skinned inner thighs. Gotta work on those, but I must recognize the fact that I'm doing pretty well. These pictures will just encourage me to keep going until I'm Oxygen Cover Model material.... ;-)

Anywho, I hope all of you are seeing progress as well!!! Keep working hard and eating clean, and your body will transform before your eyes!!

Love, love & love,
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