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Happy Birthday To Me!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today is my birthday and as I'm sure many others do, I often find it to be a time of reflection. I always try to celebrate my birthday because to me it is my holiday, a day just for me. Ever since I was little I've had mixed emotions about my birthday, my day. Often I had to share it with the fathers of my family because it often fell on Father's Day. I was often told we would celebrate my day on June 22 but I would think, "but my day is June 21"! Then I went through the years of getting sad about it because my finances were bad or my weight wasn't what I wanted it to be but this year I'm taking a different approach. My finances still aren't great and neither is my weight but I have been blessed with another year of life, another year to make a difference in the world. I've seen a lot of young(er) people in the last year or so who were taken from this earth young and it makes me appreciate my life that much more.

Since my last birthday I was able to witness my daughter graduate from high school a few weeks back and get excited about going away to college. I've also witnessed six new cousins be born this year and a second child for my Goddaughter. I've also seen the earthquake of Haiti, the devastation of the current oil spill and the death of Michael Jackson. All of the events have made me pause and know not to take things for granted. The earthquake made me reflect on my relatives who are there that I will probably never know due to decades-old rifts in the family so it has made me appreciate the family I do know even more amd to pray for the safety of those in Haiti that I will never know. The oil spill has made me reflect on the 11 lives who were lost by the original explosion as well as the companies who have had to close family-owned businesses permanently due to the destruction and how we shouldn't take anything for granted just because it has always been there. And the lost of Michael Jackson made me not only rediscover his music but enabled me to reconnect with music in general, which was always a big part of my life before I got busy with my adult life and responsibilities as a single mom. I have been looking for opportunities to sing again and maybe even begin playing instruments again.

On the weight front, I'm taking it one day at a time. Not too much, not too little. I know I have health problems but recognize I need to do my part so that I will continue to have many more June 21 holidays to celebrate. I've been working with a health coach who is reminding me to make myself a priority and help reduce my stress levels, which ultimatelly will help improve my overall health-mind, body and spirit. So as I spend this day and not look at it as just another day I won't focus on the negative, which can be so easy to do, but look at the positive things I am able to be a part of and appreciate the good health and mind that I do have and recommit not only to myself but my family and community. Happy Birthday.
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