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Feeling Strong

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yesterday I went to take in my recycling. At the center I go to, I have to separate the items by type, and put in them in these yellow trash cans. I had a full can of plastic, one half full of glass, and one a fourth full aluminum. I parked at one of the farthest spots from where it's all weighed. So, I started dragging the bins over. Then, I decided it was awkward dragging them, and stacked them up, with the fullest bin on top, to carry them over. As I was carrying them over, one of the young guys working there ran over and said "let me help you." I answered "that's okay, I've got it", but he came over anyways. He started dragging the bins for me, and he looks at me and says "wow, you're strong!" I did not think it was all that heavy, but it was nice to hear from this young healthy looking guy that he thought I was strong.

I have always admired women with defined arm muscles. It's cool to see those kinds of muscles on myself. Even when I was in high school, and weighed what I am currently down to now, I did not have the definition I have now. It's so cool to be able to pick up my 10 year old son, or help men carry things. I like feeling strong. Now if I could only figure out how to get rid of the bat wing I have from the big weight loss. Maybe in time.
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