Confessing to stressing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Confessing to stressing, and having a hard time with juggling all the balls in the air right now. Still trying to be keeping on, but the emoticon moments, oh, yes, it is stress that makes me turn to food moments have been rather blinding lately. I cracked open my 4 Day Win book when I saw I had creaked upwards in poundage- dang, I've gained 10 pounds while handling this crap. New housemates, who are eating my food, taking my bath room lotion to their room (?), don't do their own dishes, AND- let my budgie out of the house. I miss my bird. I really miss my bird. (She did sing a couple of songs to me from the trees outside my window. Hope she lasts a while out there in the wild of Oakland.) I hate the new drama queen house mates. They have passionate arguments in the early morning, the afternoon- the evening. They have the TV on 5-10 hours a day. I need to move.
emoticon I've loved this place for 2 years. Crap, crap, crap. Time to move on.
The tension in the house is total crap.
Ok, now that I've said this- I can start to look for a new home, and stop bollocking it up in my stomach. I can listen to my body, heat, mind, and know it's time to move on. This was a good place to live for a while- but it's not like I'm 'stuck' here. I can get my groove on elsewhere. I can keep the good friends, and get some distance from the drama queens.
So there!
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    maybe it's time to get everyone together and say exactly what's bothering you and what you plan on doing (moving on, or asking people to leave) if things don't change... It couldn't hurt to try. Good Luck out there.
    3633 days ago
    I couldn't live in a shared house - I'd end up inside for murder! If anybody stole my stuff, they'd get a good pounding, no mistake. And setting your budgie free into the wild to face who knows what? Who are these wastrels? Don't they know how to behave in a civilised manner? Ooh, they'd get it good from me, that's for sure. I can be a right cow when my dander's up!

    I'm a stubborn old goat and I'd dig my heels in and make them leave - after all, why should you have to uproot yourself? I'd be completely insensitive and give them no privacy - let them see how they like it! Walk into the bathroom when they're in the shower or on the toilet, walk into their bedroom when they're "occupied", eat their food, drink their booze and generally upset them greatly.
    But if you've decided to move on rather than stand your ground, I respect that (you might want to pour a pint of milk on the carpet and sew prawns into the curtains before you leave, though!)
    3634 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    "Hell is other people" said Sartre, seems like he was talking about your housemates. I'm so sorry that you lost your budgie, and that you are so stressed out. Who wouldn't be in that kind of situation?

    Right on, it's time for you to fly away, and find another happy nest.
    3634 days ago
    Let me know when you need some help moving! I have a truck! Hang in there! This too shall pass!
    3634 days ago
    I'm so so sorry about your bird. emoticon
    Now that you let your feelings out, a new and better opportunity is just around the corner. Take care of you. emoticon
    3635 days ago
    Gods, I hear you on drama-queen roomies - life is SO much better since I got out of THAT house. :) Make a plan, work the plan - you can make your life better. :)
    3635 days ago
  • SALEE100
    I'm so sorry about the loss of your little bird! I can't imagine (well, yes I can!) losing mine. How awful! emoticon I hope you get your little one back! Also, I'm sorry about your roomie difficulties and the 10 pounds. But, I know those things will resolve and you'll be ok. You know what to do and I'm sure you've already started. Just know that I'm in your corner rooting for you! emoticon
    3635 days ago
    You can and will find peace. The next door (figurative and literal) will open and welcome you through it. And although it almost always sucks while it's happening, you will grow.
    3635 days ago
  • BIGGIRL2082010
    Very true! Sounds like some sorry roomies there, so maybe look on this as an opportunity to find some awesome NEW friends!

    Hang in there - and remember, IT'S SUMMER! :) TIme to go PLAY, too!


    3635 days ago
    Oh Mary,

    My heart is aching for your budgie.
    G-D the G-D effing drama queens!!!!!!!!!
    I'm glad to hear that you're getting on up outta there.
    Not fast enough.
    Good luck for finding a truly lovely and soul-restoring place to live!

    Yer bud,
    3635 days ago
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