4D ultrasound!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well I haven't updated in a while. I am sick and deciding to stay in bed today. A good time to play catch up. I had my 4D ultrasound on Tuesday. Wow it was so much better than the regular one. Rebekkah is getting her baby plumpness now and I could see her sucking on her hand, playing with her toes and so many facial expressions... even her smile awwwwww! I had to share them

My belly has ballooned forward but still keep my weight gain in check. Some days I'm waddling like a duck and others I can walk fine LOL
My boobs are filling and already leaking DOH Bub is head down most of the time now and I doubt making full term. But ya' never know! My 1st pregnancy was 41wks, 2nd was 40wks, 3rd was 39wks..... we will see what this one does. Next week I have my GD test. Its kind of overdue but oh well, better late than never. I have been making nappy/diaper covers... found a good pattern.

This is the youtube video of the cover and how to sew it. It also has the link to the pattern.
Which is ... www.handmadebyrita.blogs

When I am finished, I'll post some pics emoticon
My partner is coming to Australia at the end of August, ready to welcome our daughter into the world. It will be his first time in Oz. I want to show him so much but know that I am not going to have the chance as I will be all about bub by then... I do want to show him our mountains though... hopefully there will still be some late snow about when he comes. Our snowy landscape is so different to his! Anyway.... I hear the toilet calling LOL LOL I'll post again soon CYA XXX
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