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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yesterday went well, no crazy eating and I got my work out in. I cannot wait to do some good grocery shopping though, so I can stop realizing at 9 o clock that I am 600 calories short for the day (maybe that's why I feel hungry... huh), and then eating late to make up for it.

Anyway, I absolutely adore HyVee. It might be a little pricier than WalMart, but they are awesome. Today we are going there for dinner, and they have the calories and fat and all that information listed on their site. Such a health conscious store! All of their produce is on sale today, tomorrow, and Saturday also. Sweetness. They are also having a Schlafly beer tasting tonight that we signed up for a month ago, and I completely forgot about until yesterday. With how low I am on my calories today, I could have a few of their little 3 oz shots of beer without feeling any guilt, so oh well. I love good beer, I really do. Not to get drunk, but just the flavor. It is my weakness. :]

I have a concern floating around in my head I kind of need to get out. I am in between places right now because my lease ended at the end of May, and my boyfriend is in his lease until August. So we are moving in together at the beginning of August. I am pretty much living with him right now, but keeping most of my crap at my sister's house in a spare bedroom. And my cat, sadly, because Bruce's current place doesn't allow pets at all. The concern is that I was going to be staying with my sister, and my little sister is. But, her house is horribly dirty. Like she has more pets than I could ever think to count, and the house has trash everywhere. Since we moved all of my stuff in there, she hasn't cleaned the dishes at all, it is insane. I just wonder if there is something wrong with her? The same with my little sister, because it doesn't bother her living there. And her room is a complete disaster.

When we were younger, I always took on the parent role. Mom was always working, so I babysat Stephanie and the youngest 2 while my older sister ran around and did teenager things. I remember that I was pretty much the only one that would clean the house AT ALL. My mom would come home ticked off that the house was dirty, but seriously I was like 11 years old watching a 6 year old and 2 infants. Anyway, I just remember how dirty our house was, we had roaches and it was just horrible. Now I am like my father, his house is spotless. Everything has its place and should be there. Even his (step)son doesnt play with his toys in the living room. I get really irritated if the house is messy, it was an issue at my last place with my little sister living with me. I can deal with clutter and clean it myself, just not trash everywhere and smells..

I just don't know how they can live in filth, it freaks me out. I just hope they grow out of it eventually, but who knows. I think that they know it is why I don't want to live there as originally planned, but it is hard to talk about. I know my boyfriend isn't the cleanest person in the world, but at least he is hygenic! And we won't have a surplus of pets to make the place stink.

I just don't get it. Sorry for ranting. I can't wait to go work out, doing sprints and kettlebell circuit today! Woohoo, need to center myself. Hope your days are going awesomely!
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  • KVM23.
    It's really frustrating when the environment you're living in isn't the way you want it. Trust me, you have every right to be upset by it! And this is as best a place as any to rant about it!
    My current housing situation is far from perfect. I love my roommates but two of the three of us like it clean and the other one seems determined to make it as grimy as possible. It's frustrating and I don't know why you'd ever want to live like that !
    Ugh. Just look forward to the future when you get into your new place and have more control. It'll be great. emoticon
    3867 days ago
    Filth and clutter freaks me out but I'd get beaten senseless (not "spanked") if things weren't pristine.

    I had total responsibility of the house by age 9 BUT I didn't have babies to watch unless I was watching a neighbor's ... 4 ... under 9 ... for no money!...for 12 hours a day.

    Oddly, I liked doing it cos I was "the boss." ;p

    You sound like a PERFECT example of early pains/ pressures making you a BETTER & STRONGER person!

    I don't know about your sister but I'd *think* anyone who can live in a house as you describe has some issues. If she's open & has access, therapy is good for EVERYONE cos "ev'body got problems!"

    Best wishes to you on working YOUR situation out!
    3867 days ago
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