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Some revelations of sorts...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today I had a couple of epiphanies while at work. The first has to do with some things that have been going on in the office. Basically, we have a big ol' tax filing deadline coming up (we file on behalf of our clients). There are a bunch of new procedures in place because the government is requiring that everything be filed electronically. This means a whole bunch of things, the largest obstacle being having software that will create and upload the information to the correct servers. Add to that the fact that the owners of the company are now on vacation for two weeks and have been trying to cram as much as they could into the last couple of weeks and you get one rather stressful office.

That being said, a phrase that I have been hearing quite frequently has been "Yeah, but what if...." It's like they're trying to tackle every conceivable scenario and address them before they actually happen. The owner of the company actually said something about not wanting to be three years down the road and having something that was done even remotely wrong coming back to bite us.

Now, to me, it seems like three years down the road is not something that we need to be concerned about. But maybe I'm weird because I'm outside of the situation.

Here's the deal, though. My co-workers are so trapped in the land of "What-if's" that they can't seem to move beyond that to enter in to the land of "What-can-actually-be-done-now
". What I mean to say is that they're letting their fear of the future not allow them to actually focus on things in the present that they can control.

I find that, so often in life, I'm in that very same position. I get so focused on things that (in all likelihood) will not happen that I forget to actually live in the moment. I forget to be present in the present. And by doing so, I miss out on so many opportunities that can be had.

One of the key things that has been happening to me is I keep asking myself a question that one of the contestants on the Biggest Loser asked. "What if I can't do this?" And I love her mom's response to that question "Yeah, but what if you can?"

That's the attitude that I want to face life with. Instead of focusing on the potential for failure, I want to focus on the potential for success. It starts with small, achievable goals and snowballs from there. I'm already doing far more than I ever thought I would. And now is my chance to do even more than that.

The other epiphany that I had earlier today was that eating is meant to be a supremely pleasurable thing. It's one of the few activities where all 5 senses get involved at the same time. You see some lovely arrangement of food, you can smell it cooking, you can feel the texture of the food as it is picked up by your hands or rolls around in your mouth, you can hear the noise it makes as you bite into it and chew it, and (of course) you get to taste it.

We are not meant to feel guilty for eating, but at the same time we are not meant to enjoy eating so much that we indulge in it far too often. It is not meant to become a crutch to lean upon and make us feel better when we are blue, angry, stressed, what have you.

It is simply meant to be enjoyed and experienced in a complete and unique manner.
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    I love what you were saying about food being meant for enjoying and I would add nourishment. I read an article yesterday that talked about how when we eat we should be feel nourished, happy and content, satisfied. But so many of us feel ashamed, guilty, disappointed...as if it's a contest or we constantly fail because of our rules.

    It's good to have goals, but at the same time, bringing things down to the lowest level, if we are hungry, we eat and are satisfied, we should be free from guilt or any unhappy feelings, ya know?

    Good blog!
    3548 days ago
    I like the way you can take the office mayhem and put it smack in the middle of your journey!!! Okay say three years from now the IRS does an audit and finds the software did not have all the deductions made properly and the tax payer owes them money, well then your boss is liable.
    Then say three years from now you have not taken the deductions in calories and you did not lose any weight then your held liable. HUM!!
    Then say three years from now you did take the right deductions and you have the body of a beauty queen!!! emoticon
    So think about your choices.
    As always your a wonderful person.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sandy
    3585 days ago
    So true. emoticon
    3585 days ago
    I can relate to the bosses getting ready to leave town and the mayhem it brings! I also read a letter my sister wrote to her boss today in regard to some things she has noticed in recent years and her suggestions as to how he might change things. I love your insight here. You are right on so many different levels. Hang in there! All you can do it move ahead with what can be done now and set an example for your coworkers - and your employers - as to how things SHOULD be handled right now.
    3585 days ago
    Go Ashley! I mean Erin! whew that was a close one ;)

    I love your ephipanies. And your card. Thanks :)
    3585 days ago
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