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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank you to everyone who said my name and Ken's in your prayers and sent positive vibes our way. The Lord answered our prayers and once again, he did not fail me. I have been released from the hospital this evening with a diagnosis that my heart is fine. I passed the chemical stress test with flying colors. My EKG yesterday was perfect so I am not sure why the felt the need to keep me last night and do the stress test today. Although they wanted to be positive due to the massive amount of check pain I was having. They wanted to know if I had injured my chest, lifting anything heavy, etc. I thought about it for a few moments and couldn't think of anything. CRS disorder?
The doctor said she was glad that there was no problem with my am I for sure, even more than she is...but at least now if I should ever have problems, we already have a good baseline to compare to and move forward with. I told them the only thing I ever had as far as heart problems go...I have had it broken a couple of times...haven't we all?! emoticon emoticon
Upon arriving home, my dear neighbor immediately rush over and read me the riot act...that I needed to start taking better care of myself, yada, yada, yada. You have to understand she is in her 80s and is a wonderful "mother" to Ken and I. She said and I could repeat it twice but I honestly never thought about it. "You probably hurt yourself Friday (yes Friday) when you moved all those big yard toys and donated them to the church." OOPS...yes I did do that on Friday and the pain started Saturday evening. (The church was very happy to have them... I am sure. Believe me, I was sure!!! After moving them for the past six years every week or so, I was very sure.) Did I hurt myself doing it? Who knows... possibly pulled a muscle? Well I moved three truck loads of those big toys that McKenzie no longer plays with as she is really to tall for them...A Step 2 Climber with slide and swing, Little Tykes climber/play yard which is two round building things with two slides and a climb through, Crazy Coupe, Town Taxi, Little Tykes Playhouse, wagon, wheelbarrow, gas pumps and a Dora the Explorer scooter to name a few of the items. Dear Joe offered to help me and even offered himself and his truck. When I picked McKenzie up, I borrowed her Dad's truck and thought I would get it done before it started storming. The Church was glad to get them and I had plenty of help on that end...but it was Ken, McKenzie and I at our house. Ken did as much as he could and together we did get the job done. I was so excited when I came home and the yard was empty except for our picnic table!!! No more dragging those toys around to mow the grass. Yippee and wonderful!!!
I will call the doctor tomorrow and mention this...or maybe I will wait until I go in to see her next week, hmm. I will decide in the morning when I call to set up my follow-up appointment.
Ken's echo-cardiogram was scheduled for 6:45 and he was finished before I was even taken down to start the stress test. He said the technician said everything was fine. Of course, that only means that they completed the test and the results would be going to his doctor. (Thank you, Jill, for clarifying that for me.) I am praying that it also means his heart is ok. He will be going to the doctor next week for his doctor to explain his test results and his blood work.
Tomorrow morning I will be in the dermatologist office as he is check this crazy rash again...just a follow up visit. What happened to the family doctor of my childhood who treated everything that was wrong with you in one visit. Now one has to have a doctor for every organ, part of the body or body function. Unbelievable...
Praise the Lord that He is the one and only God, creator of the Heaven and the Earth and the ultimate doctor. I pray that He continues to be the steadying factor in my life and I thank Him and praise Him daily for all the He does.
Have a wonderful night and may you be blessed in the upcoming days.
Blessings and hugs,

My family and friends both at home and on Spark People
McKenzie, going to soccer camp every morning this week and having a great time!!!
Marla's Miracle and our weight losses
Our fresh fruits and veggies..yummy fresh strawberries and raspberries from my garden
Local farmers markets have more fresh veggies and fruits
Air conditioning
Price of gasoline coming down even further
School is out for the summer!!!
Sun shining and a glorious day
Great nurses and doctors who do their best
Modern technology and great test results!!!

Thank you so much for reading my blogs. Although we are all busy, I do read every comment. May God continue to be with you and bless you!!! I love each of you!!!
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  • BOBBI97
    I am glad that you and ken are doing ok...And quit lifting all that stuff by yourself whats the matter with you did you think
    you were superwoman lol slow down some before something does happen to you...Hope to God That it dont wiser one that you are

    Take care
    2862 days ago
    Helen, So glad that everythng came out OK for you! Praise God! Praying for Ken's test results too. Now, how about a little rest... emoticon (((hugs))) Ena
    2863 days ago
    So glad that you are home and nothing is wrong with your is good to know..prayers do get have such a giving give of yourself and of what you have....please take care of you.....only you can do that.......
    2864 days ago
  • POLLY20
    Helen My Sweet Helen~We don't want anything going wrong with your heart or any other organ in your body~You are such a gung ho person~Always going non stop~Maybe take some time to just relax a bit~Energizer Bunny Girl~Our prayers are still flowing for both you & Ken~We were right in your neck of the woods the
    past few days~Thought of you & Marla~Sooooo very close~What a great memory we made last year with our visit with Mama as well
    Keep thinking the happy thoughts & mend your pains~Love Ya Lots
    Sis Polly
    2864 days ago
  • POOH_BEAR_69
    You do manage to get yourself into trouble... We need to put an alert system on you... Hmmm... emoticon
    2864 days ago
    So glad you are home now. There's NO PLACE like home!!!


    2864 days ago
    Helen, I am so glad to hear you are okay and got released from the hospital. There is no place like home! It definitely sounds like you have exerted yourself a lot lately - all for a good cause, of course. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
    2864 days ago
    Those doctor visits can kill ya!! Thank goodness everything checks out! emoticon
    2864 days ago
    Glad your fine Helen! One less thing to worry about now is your heart!

    2864 days ago
    back in the saddle again!!!!
    the lady mary
    2865 days ago
    2865 days ago
    Good grief, Helen! I didn't realize you were in the hospital! I am so happy that you got good news from your test. Take care of yourself, my friend.
    2865 days ago
    Helen, every day you inspire me. Love, your friend, Lori
    2865 days ago
    Glad things seem to be back to normal -- or as normal as they can be in anyone's household! lol

    God Bless
    2865 days ago
    I'm glad that you and Ken are OK.
    2865 days ago
    Sooo Glad your Heart is fine Helen ... Its a wonder they didn't find a enlargement!! .
    Your heart is so big .. you do so much for everyone else, it is time you started looking after yourself too!
    Those yard toy's were far too much for you too be moving around .
    No wonder you had chest pain!.
    My Helen .. did something the same a few months ago ..she didn't want to ask for help .. and she fetched up the hospital over night ..She had all these tests done ..and they found out that her heart is fine .. thank goodness ..she has enough problems with her kidney. The best thing about that was, it was really good getting her heart checked we have heart disease in the family and Thank God she has not got that!..
    Take Care of yourself my dear friend ...Susie and Bobby emoticon
    2865 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2010 11:09:35 PM
    Phew! Glad that the doc has cleared you.

    And that sounds like a lot of moving stuff around!
    2865 days ago
    Glad everything is OK- Good you had the heart checked and you have the results on record. I popped a rib from lifting boxes and that was pretty painful, hard to breathe. I knew what it was though and the chiro fixed it right up. You must have strained a muscle but a smart call to go to the hospital for any pain you are suspicious of like that - they say it is harder to identify heart attack symptoms in women.
    2865 days ago
    Such great news that everything is okay with your heart....THANK YOU LORD!

    That was such a kind gesture to give those toys that McKenzie had out- grown to other children that can use them.

    blessings to you!

    2865 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2010 10:44:50 PM
  • TERRI289
    emoticon emoticon
    2865 days ago
    Hi Helen, so glad you're fine! It did really sound like heart problems to me and I've been a first aid attendant for ages! Stop doing all that heavy work and take care of yourself! Hugs, Wilma
    2865 days ago
    I'm so glad you're okay!
    2865 days ago
    Well, maybe moving all those toys around was the problem. Sounds like things are making progress. I love the way you encourage me even through your trials. You are an amazing lady. emoticon
    2865 days ago
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