Wow I'm here again!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two days in a row. This is kinda a milestone for me, LOL. I went over 600 calories over yesterday. And it happened in the evening. The afternoon and after-dinner time are the WORST for me. I know why - we sit on our butts watching TV. The question is, how to fix it? I could try to talk DH into taking turns riding the stationary while we watch our movies, but I am not 100% he'll be on board with it. And I am NOT infringing on the little time we get to have together every day. We did talk last night about what we buy. We can't have things like cookies and chips in the house - not even for the kids - because both of us will eat them. SS isn't going to like it, but he's going to have to figure something else out to eat with his sandwiches. We need to be eating more fruits and vegetables anyway. So I think that next week when I go shopping, I am going to revolve my entire menu around vegetables. I miss them anyway. I love a good roasted asparagus, grilled eggplant, and sautéed mushrooms. Maybe that way I can ensure that we will have good, healthy meals.
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