Summer MUD Camp Day 2

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Right now I hear raindrops hitting my window pane as I type in this blog. Rain is not good on summer camp week... because our campground is close to several ponds, creeks, etc and floods easily. It has rained a lot recently, and that mean swollen creeks, which leave muddy fields and forests. Really really muddy. Imagine going done a nice steep hill in the mud, then later trying to walk back up that hill after 100 other people. Imagine what happens when you let 7,8,9yr old boys do relay races in the mud. Imagine muddy boys, so muddy you can't even tell what color their shorts or shoes are! And of course, imagine what the same boys would do if they were already coated in said mud, and they see a great big invited puddle, several inches deep, all across our walking path... Ahh, but they had fun today! Fishing, scavenger hunts, beaded necklaces, slingshots, archery, bb guns... what more could a kid want?

Yawn! I had better get some sleep. I am exhausted! (Tomorrow is day 3)
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