Tracking Day 2 - So far So GOOD! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So yesterday I set up my tracking parameters to equal a loss of 1/2lb a week - following the ideals of the team I joined a few weeks ago - The Slowest Loser. :)

I am in a healthy weight range and I'm pretty active - I have my weekly calorie burn estimated at 3750, but as my running mileage increases or I am consistently running at higher mileages, I may need to increase that as well. I know that I will function better at requiring a smaller calorie deficit each week - so I'm not so hungry I'm tempted to binge, and I have plenty of energy to fuel my workouts. WOOT.

So yesterday it was very easy to stay within range. :)

I got some great grocery shopping done as well - LOTS of fruit in the kitchen. We have this clear plastic container (kind of a classy cylinder) that we use for our handheld fruit to stay out on the counter. It is filled with two gorgeous organic golden delicious apples that I couldn't resist, a bunch of plums, and some white and yellow flesh nectarines. I also have a container out of cherries that I have already washed - so I can easily eat a cherry every now and again if I need some small sweet munch. So good!

I bought some great granola from the local health food store that is made in AL -


It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have eaten it today and yesterday w/ cottage cheese and a cut up nectarine. Yesterday I drizzled some agave nectar but today I went without - either way, delicious. The ingredient list is fantastic, I wish I had it here to list for you but very simple whole ingredients. :)

I also bought some of another old favorite treat of mine - unsweetened carob covered raisins. A very nice healthy treat!

Anyway - I'm feeling very positive with the tracking. It really takes all the anxiety out of eating for me. I felt really anxious before -- I THOUGHT I knew when I was eating well or not, but I didn't have the confirming numbers. I didn't realize how much anxiety that was giving me until I started tracking again.

Ideally - I'd like to be able to trust myself better. A lot of people commented yesterday (and very supportive comments THANK YOU ALL!! :D hehe) and mentioned tracking being a chore, how to think of it as not being that just another day to day activity and for me -- I actually like tracking. I don't mind putting in the numbers. I just didn't like feeling dependent and I didn't like the idea that I couldn't listen to my body and just eat the right things and not eat too much without the numbers telling me I was ok.

Well -- it's ok. I am ok that I need that support. I am ok with the fact that I need the reassurance of a system and of numbers to help me know that I'm doing the right thing. I have said it before -- and TURFGIRL mentioned it in her comment as well -- I didn't know what I was eating or how much or ANYTHING before 3.5 years ago. I had no clue. So that is about 23 years of my life. If I have to track my food for 20+ years into my future, so be it. I can deal with that. It's not that I find it unbearable to track - I just wish I could be more self-sufficient.

I will continue to work on listening to my body and not eating mindlessly. I can still really use the benefit of learning those skills for occasions when I am unable to track and do not want to sabotage my efforts to be healthy because I am eating at a social event because I don't want to have awkward silences... or anything like that.

KEAKMAN recently blogged about taking a mind-body approach. Looking at the reasons WHY and the internal while also taking the actions that will physically impact her body along the way. Well - I obviously did both recently. For a bit I said - 100% weight loss committed, change that tracker to 2lbs a week I did it before I can do it now, BAM LET'S GO. Then I realized there were some chinks in my armor of strength and I took some time to strictly explore the mind part, hoping the actions would follow. But without the structure, I went all willy nilly and gave myself even more stress.

So now I'm aiming to do BOTH.

Listen to myself in a safety zone. :)

I'm not sure I really mentioned my workouts after Saturday. To sum up:

Sunday - Pilates
Monday - 2 miles w/ some barefoot + Freestyle Trainer
Today - 5.23 miles

WOOT. Tomorrow will be shorter miles + Freestyle Trainer again. Thursday - medium miles... maybe 3. Depends how I'm feeling.


Still no nibbles on the job front, I keep looking for new postings and applying to things I feel would suit me (regardless of the field). Good vibes are appreciated!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i can't believe it is your last day already coming up. you seem to be doing great with the running, tracking and st lately. you burn a ton a colories a week girl? i am only at about 2000 a week right now give or take a couple hundred. i am truly jealous of all the miles you are able to run. now i just need to find something else to fill the gap.

    future job vibes are coming your way!
    3462 days ago
    Congrats on that last day. My last day at my current job is Friday too.

    I so understand what you are saying about tracking. If I'm not, I'm eating fast food constantly and grazing is just a natural occurrence. Tracking is a deterrent of sorts because there are times that I just don't want to track it so I don't eat it.

    Keep it up!!
    3462 days ago
    I'm back to tracking again too! Just have to be held accountable some way! Great job! Sending good vibes your way on the job front!!
    3462 days ago
    Think and do, think and do. Plan and do, plan and do. That's the ticket for me. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you are putting YOUR plan into action!

    (and I HATE tracking, but that is so a different story!)

    Best wishes on the job front. I have quit mine, too and once the Census work dries up I will be unemployed, so I feel you there sister!
    3462 days ago
    Dana, you're doing great! Like you said, you have been on this journey for less than 4 years and have come so far... but before that, there were 23 years of different habits. Think about it like starting a new job. In the beginning, you write everything down and have to continually refer to your notes so you know what to do, how to work the computer system, who to talk to when you need X, Y or Z. Over time, you need the notes less and less. It just takes time. You'll get there.

    Enjoy your final week of work! OMG, you have no idea how jealous I am of you right now!

    3462 days ago
    You can do it, Dana! I hope you find another job quickly.

    Keep up the good work!
    3462 days ago
    Very smart, Dana. And yes, you will be in my thoughts and prayers that you are able to find a job asap! I feel ya on the food thing. I have done 3 days of tracking and this is the most on track i have been in a long while! WillyNilly is a great descriptor!!
    3462 days ago
    Glad the tracking is going well this far! Hope things keep going well. =D
    3462 days ago
    Good vibes sent you way. It took me forever to find a new job!! Also I agree with the whole having to track for another 20yrs. It is what it is, at least we know a lot more now. We do tons of healthy stuff that we never did. Tracking is always going to be there, as a reminder b/c some habits are harder to break than others. Like me eating all the ice cream at home. I have no idea what makes me do it, so I don't buy it. But someone else does, but AT LEAST it's a small container lol I am still working on that.
    3462 days ago
    Sounds like you're doing pretty well!

    I'm curious about the plastic cylinder container you have on your counter. I always thought plums and nectarines needed to be stored in the refrigerator, and I recently read in a SP article on apples that they last longer when stored in the fridge. I like to keep fruit out on the counter, though. I have a mesh metal bowl I've been using for oranges/tangelos and apples, but they do go bad sometimes. Maybe I'm keeping too many out at once. DH likes all his fruit refrigerator-cold, though, so there's fruit in the fridge, too!

    Anyway, keep up the good work! You're doing great!

    - Karen
    3462 days ago
    Sounds like you're off to a good start. Keep it up!

    3462 days ago
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