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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She's thinking about having a SNACK...
not a good healthy snack although she did fleetingly run through a number of suitable ones...
As she's reaching for that pretzel bag on the refrigerator, she's thinking "I can't believe pretzels have more calories and salt in them than sun chips...damn, the pretzels are SO much more satisfying though...ok, I'll only have a very small amount..." in her mind she's going through she had to eat yesterday and this morning KNOWING she REALLY doesn't NEED these damn pretzels, and then fleetingly, pitifully, justifies this unnecessary splurge by thinking "I did lose those 3 lbs last week..."
Ah, here it comes, all the inevitable, predictable thoughts..."That little bit of pretzels WAS NOT ENOUGH and NOT worth splurging!" "I ate WAY TOO MUCH for dinner last night!" "I have GOT to eat smaller portions!" "Just because it all taste's SO GOOD doesn't mean I need to gorge!" "Geez, THINK before you fill your plate." "A little bit of each thing...IS ENOUGH!" That 3 lbs is going to be back before I can BLINK...why do I sabotage myself like this when I'm SO close to my goal?!" ARGGGGG!!!!
This morning is a bit different...she's actually watching what she's eating and LISTENING to her urges rather than giving into them...
it's NOT EASY but she knows she's WORTH it emoticon
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