Monday Morning...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gettin' Down for a PUSH week!

Good Morning and Happy Monday...cloudy and humid here in Madtown. Good day to lose some weight I guess...

My glucose came in at 128 this morning, got my 60 sit-ups in and just hammering through a bunch of business work and then I'm going to get over to the pool for a nice long run.

This weekend was pretty pleasant, Cindy & I had a bunch of time by ourselves together. Had some really great banana + peanut butter french toast for breakfast yesterday, whole-grain, sugar free....super good!!! We watched a few movies on Sunday, my Dad stopped by and we both got some much needed flake-out time.

Lots of dots to connect this week if I want to drop some more lbs., so it's on like donkey kong. Busy Monday, New crew filming on Tuesday at the pool, later in the week getting Cindy ready to head to Omaha for 4 days to visit her folks.

All in all, I'm feeling great...ready to keep giving myself the rewards of healthy living. Each time I break into new territory and do something that I couldn't before is just such a huge shot in the arm for me....I want more!

Have a smooth Monday, Ryan
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